Is this love?

“There’s a spring in my step, blush on my cheeks and a smile I can’t hide. Am I in love?”

Back then, my mom had noticed the cheerful me and guessed there’s something fishy! A few weeks later, she got a call from her to-be son-in-law asking for her daughter’s hand in marriage. 😬

Thank you Akanksha for hosting the TWT. I have combined prompts of last two weeks: love and spring.

Memories …

Terrace scenes, every full moon,

Food served on tiny hands

We ate it very soon

With love, the taste enhanced

In response to Akanksha’s TWT prompt- Memories

Summer vacations was spent at my grand mom’s house. All grand kids would spend few weeks together there. On full moon day, our terrace was quite lit up by the moon light. The dinner on that day would be very simple. Rasam/ Sambar/ curd rice would be prepared. We all kids would sit in a semi circle around my grand mother and hold out our cupped hands in front of her one after the other. She would serve food with her hands onto ours. It’s called “ kayyi tuttu” here.

Here too… the one who gets the last morsel was considered “lucky”. Oh my, we used to look forward in anticipation as to “who’s the lucky one this night!!! “😅😅😅 We would estimate the amount left over in the serving bowl and switch places to get the last bit of food . If any kannadiga reading this the phrase was “BaLabachchi Bhagyavanta”!!

And all kids would eat more than the usual quantity that day. Almost double! Was it the joy of eating together? Or a silent competition among kids? Or the love in grandma’s hands??

❤️ For now … memories remain .. ❤️

To my ex

Though I took time, finally realised, you were treating me, like a piece of shit. I just dint deserve you. 
This void created within, made me feel, I was falling into a deep well. I’m glad I knew to swim! 

This is history!! Almost 18 years ago!! But with the prompt word : piece, all I could think of was “piece of shit” and with “piece of shit” all I could think of was this person. Back then, I felt he was treating me like a piece of shit, but actually … he was one 😅!!

But was I broken! Literally broken to pieces! Was very low on self esteem. I couldn’t believe myself that I fell for such a person, who had absolutely no commitment!! I was angry on myself, for being so wrong in reading his mind, for assuming things, for just falling for him blindly, for being walked over, for believing in fake promises.

I was 21 years I guess.. My mom too had hints that I liked this guy. When we broke up, she noticed me sitting in a corner and crying. She gave me hug and asked me to tell out what happened. I poured out everything to her and I can never forget the way she taught me to learn my lesson and move on and not blame myself for what happened. I heard from her, just the words I needed to hear!! No scoldings like “how could you create such a folly, what were you thinking, you are so young to take such decisions etc” .. she knew my mind was filled with only such questions! Instead she encouraged me to move on and that God definitely has a better plan for me! She was so right! ❤️

In response to last week’s TWT prompt “piece” and this weeks prompt “fall” for Akanksha’s TWT. Thanks for hosting it dear Akanksha.

Thanks for dropping by and reading. 😊


I’m blank, donno what to write

To be on streak wanna post tonight

attempted TWT, Did I do it right?

In school we had a section in exams which said “use the below word and make a sentence of your own”. When I just dint know what to write, my answer would be “in the exam I was tensed when I dint know the meaning of <the word>”. I used to get my marks, but in high school my teacher was smarter 😂. She changed the heading to “Use the word in a sentence to bring out its meaning” 😅. She told me she changed the heading seeing my “tricky ” answers in previous tests.

This incident came back to me today. I had nothing to write. The clock says 11.50 pm. I dint want to miss my streak of posting consistently everyday. It was a super duper busy day today. So Akanksha’s prompt word for TWT , the word “BLANK” made me smile. I could see the student-me attempting a tricky answer to get the marks/ or now to be on streak in WP 😄😄

Thank you Akanksha for hosting TWT 😊

Magical powers

She wished she knew magic

To produce ice and snow

The Wish has no logic

Frozen’ movie fan, you know!?🤷‍♀️

With two girls at home who are less than 10 years, you guys can imagine how much I am surrounded by “frozen” themed things. So much that this was the first thought for Bulbul’s TWT prompt : Ice!!

It’s only pinks, Elsa, Anna everywhere! Their bags, pouches, erasers, T-shirt’s, dolls, toys and above all they have a Frozen themed wall paper in the room!!!

My poison

Chocolate, cookie and cake

Eating them is a mistake!

Don’t offer them, don’t tempt me

Sugar is poison to me!

In response to Akanksha’s Twenty word Tuesday prompt

Pre diabetic me, is trying to push the start of taking medicines for diabetes. Eating healthy, losing weight, exercise is prescribed. I hope by doing all this, I can push it by a decade atleast 😃. But I do indulge in sinning, in minute quantities now and then 🙃

Here’s Twenty on Spaghetti

Take 1:

Millets, rice and ragi

These foods are never tasty

All the kids love to eat

Is pizza pasta and Sphagetti

My kids are slowly getting over this. But junk is still an absolute treat for their taste buds

Take 2:

Friends teased me, for my thick long curls;

Morning when you combed your hair, you found a bird stuck there?

I was called “Top Ramen” (the instant noodle brand) by my school friends, because of my curly hair. It was thick and my friends used to call it a “sparrow’s nest”. A sparrow flying by could get stuck in there, according to them. The prompt word: Spaghetti reminded me of those days 😊

In response to Twenty word Tuesday prompt: Sphagetti by Akanksha @Bulbul’s Bubble

Book Portal

Picked a book one night,

I wasn’t able to sleep!

Heard granny’s footsteps at 5

Between pages was immersed deep!

At 5 am, my grand mom peeped into my room to see why the lights were on. She used to wake up early, have bath, do her yoga and read all the stotras one by one. She squinted her eyes, which were still half shut in sleep, to see if I was awake, or asleep with room lights still on. She saw me holding a book in hand and started scolding me in my native language “which fairy tale are you reading? Your sleep has gone for a toss and you are also increasing the electricity bill to be paid! All for reading a book!!!!! Kids these days just don’t understand the little nuances. In our times we dint have a choice to read after sunset! No electricity. These luxuries are spooling your lifestyle….. ” Her morning chants had started differently 😬😅

The book was Da Vinci code I think…. The last few chapters. Well I got carried away and was almost “Sophie” myself!

In response to BulBul’s Bubble S Twenty Word Tuesday prompt:Book Portal. Thanks for hosting Akanksha 😊

Space – craft

Making cute little pretty things

Boxes, dolls and pretty flowers

Crafting does fill my soul

And all my empty drawers!

In response to Akanksha’s Twenty Word Story Prompt. Thanks for hosting Akanksha. I’m not missing this chance to rant about my crafts 😬🙌

Crafting is my hobby, a channel to express my creativity. I haven’t been able to do much last three months. And I lost data on my laptop and many photos along with it. So you guys are spared from those pics 😄

I have shared these below pics in my old posts too. Felt like sharing them again with a description of each. Sorry for the long post 😬

Annnd, The main problem for me and my kids, right now is we do not have space to preserve our work!

Did this long ago with limited resources for a cousin’s wedding. The frock of the girl is a sweet (7 cup sweet). The bride’s side make similar items to give to the groom in weddings here.
Boxes for return gifts . I was making similar boxes when I read Akanksha’s post to suggest a word for this week prompt. That’s where “craft” prompt word suggestion came from
Tiny bouquet.
Again done for a wedding where the groom is a badminton player. The sweets were arranged to look like seats around the court
Dressed up these dolls
For Gowri pooja for my cousin’s wedding
It’s a custom to give such “Bagina”s in Gowri pooja. it’s filled with groceries n gifts and given to ladies. Decked it up for a wedding
A dry fruit tree. We give dry fruits to the groom in weddings. Gave it in style, at my cousins wedding 😃
A chocolate cart for a wedding. Again to give to the groom
A flower bouquet
Fancy dress. This ‘Mangalyaan’ gathered a lot of attention at school and the first prize for my little one. She narrated her lines very well too 😇 I don’t have a pic with the lights on. Those 4 orange things are glowing lights ☺️☺️

Taking care

Having walked on roads, you are yet to see,

May be I’ve seen life a little more than thee?

Every wrinkle is an experience I’ve lived through

Have seen a lot more sunrises and hurricanes too

I’ve held your hand, I’ve helped you walk

I’ve been with you when you learned to talk

Spent many sleepless nights when you are sick

Chose family over career, when I had to pick

Fulfilled my responsibilities of a parent to a child

It was my duty, my priority and I did it all in stride

I was not dependent, until my mind was sane

I don’t know if you realise, I’m now a child again

My insecurities are humongous, can you understand?

I can’t do things alone, I need a helping hand

Taking care is not giving me a room or two,

Demanding me to live the way you want me to!!

Taking care is to empathise, settle if there’s strife

Help me live and let me enjoy the last leg of life!

You whinge that I have high expectations from you

Truth is, you know not, what I truly want from you

Few minutes of your day, can you sit by my side

Ask me how I am, keeping everything else aside

Empathise, Show me your love, show me that you care

Now when I am alive, not on my empty chair…

© ruhappysoul

“The last two lines in bold is my response to Akanksha’s Twenty Word Tuesday prompt: Support

I’m not at all against children who send their parents to old age homes. In fact it may be a very good option to both sides. With old age comes health issues. Both physical and psychological. The insecurities creep in. They realise that they are no more capable of doing the tasks they used to do few years ago. It’s hard to accept for some. Their frustrations and worries come out in different ways and for the children, who’s life is filled with stress all together, it may be too much to take. I think we should keep reminding ourselves to be patient and empathetic while talking to them. We should make it a point to spend some quality time and hear them out, even if what they speak doesn’t make sense to us, even if our advices for them are not implemented, even if they go ahead and do things which we had warned them against doing, even if they do ANYTHING against our wish. They are our parents, we dint chose them. They have cared for us. However they are, they are ours! It’s our responsibility to support them when they are kids again.

Wrote this post with my emotions overflowing seeing an old aunt go through a rough patch. Hope it makes sense! Thanks for reading