A starry love story #6wsp

Pyaar ka side effects:

Ab toh raatein kat-thi taare gingin*

Guy tells his parents about their love:

Where’s her mom?”

One among stars”

What about dad?

Survived that accident, thanked his stars”

Parents match their horoscopes:

“Can’t marry, their stars don’t match!”

She’ll be, threat to mother-in-laws life”**

Finally parents are convinced, love triumphs:

Stars have aligned for the lovers.

In response to Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story prompt: stars

*that’s a Hindi phrase. It goes on to say, literally, that people in love, cannot sleep well and they spend time counting stars 😃

**In Olden times, in India, the marriage between a girl and a boy was fixed only if their horoscope and their birth stars match. The astrologer’s advice was taken very seriously. And some particular stars, were linked to certain beliefs. There were conditions like, the girl had to be married to a guy who doesn’t have a mother. If she’s alive, then it’s not good for her etc etc. So that’s where this six word story came from. But, many even to this day, follow these rules, very strictly!

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Stars (Indian mythology) #6WSP

Take 1:

Aswathy: “She was named, after the first star”*

*The first star in Hindu mythology in Malayalam is called Aswathy. And I dint want to miss a chance to include the name of my dear blogger friend, my first friend in WP, in a six word story. Her blog : https://lifewithmylittlestar.com ❤️😊

Take 2:

Neither would I miss this chance to include the name of her son: Dhruv 😃;

Lost? : “Find Dhruva, to know the direction”

The pole star is called Dhruva in Indian mythology. In olden days sailors used the position of this star to find the ‘North’ direction and subsequently decide other directions. I’m including a link to the mythological story of Dhruva

In response to Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story prompt: stars

Weight loss story

Dinner before 8, you’ll lose weight.

I do not believe in weight loss regimes or diets. If one is comfortable in their skin and healthy, that’s all matters. Sometimes, like in my case, being overweight leads to a lot of health issues like harmonal imbalances, back pain, lethargy etc. Then, maintaining weight becomes important.

This one change of a light early dinner (atleast 2 to 3 hours before you wind up for the day) worked really well in controlling weight. So I came up with this line for Shweta’s Six Word Story prompt: Dinner . Thanks for reading. I love feedback 😊

Covid times!

Seems our hostess, missing her family??❣️

This Six Word Story is dedicated to our dear hostess, Shweta. A take, trying to pull her leg as the prompt word, “family” repeated in a few weeks gap 😉😊❤️. In these Covid times (and specially when unwell) we miss our family so much, isn’t it?

Covid in many ways has restricted travel plans and so many of us are missing visiting our family members, which we would have done more frequently otherwise. Me included! I’m missing visiting my parents and brother’s family!! My nephew is growing up fast. Staying in the same city, I’m losing out on all the fun!

Thanks for hosting the Saturday Six Word Story, Shweta.


In response to Shweta’s Six Word Story prompt: Free. Thanks for hosting, Shweta. I chose “debt-free” to come up with a few Six Word Stories. Here they are;

“Her company became debt-free. Dream fulfilled”

“The home was finally their own”

“Filled with joy, paying final instalment”

“If debt-free, she would’ve resigned immediately”

“Debt-free is a mistake”; finance guru

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Everyone needs a health insurance cover.

In response to Shweta’s Six Word Story prompt: Need

This looks like an ad for an insurance company, but sadly this has turned from a “good to have” to a necessity over the last few decades.

Our previous generations had decent life style, good eating habits, the produce travelled less from farms and so veggies n fruits were fresher and nutritious. Visit to doctors was for simple problems. People were not handed a placard of list of health-packages and offers when they went to labs for blood work.

Lifestyle diseases have increased so much, that nowadays, without insurance, getting sick is very tough on our wallets. Leave aside the trauma of the various scans and blood work one needs to go through to detect and treat the issue.

The advance in technology is a boon. On the other hand, with all the facilities available in health care, doctors readily write out tests and scans, rather than trusting their instincts. Why would they risk?

We as a family are “blessed” (wry smile here)!!!Each one of us have been subjected to some test or the other on a continuous basis. EEG and ECHO on kids and continuous mammograms to track breast lumps for me, and hubby had a neuro surgery and my mom and her cancer detection and treatment!! Gosh! We have to plan and increase the cover of our insurance every year!! Something new pops up! And now this pandemic. The average is 3 lakh per person on admission to a private hospital! If we go through govt it’s free, but I have heard all the not-so-good stories of the system.

Hence proved! From the experience of this HappySoul; Health insurance is a necessity! A must have!

Water everywhere

I had listed a few takes for this week’s Six Word Story Prompt: Water by Shweta. Consolidating them here 😊

Good byes are tough: Bye she said, her eyes watering.

My daily routine: She waters the plants every morning

Dark fiction story: The poison completely dissolved in water

A business that dint work: Losses put them in deep waters

An irresistible offer: She tested the waters before agreeing

On her deathbed: She saw her end. Asked gangajal

Hope you like them. Thanks for reading 😊

(Gangajal is water from the river Ganga or Ganges that is considered sacred(holy) by many in India. When on deathbed people believe that the soul attains peace when drops of this water goes in)

Motivation to work

She had to feed her kids

Written in response to Six word story prompt: Motivation by Shweta

My helper tells these lines so often. She has a back pain and I was telling her to take rest for a few days. She is scared that she will lose her job in the houses she is working for now. Her husband is a drunkard and she is the sole bread earner. If even two houses ask her to stop coming, it will be difficult for her to feed her kids and provide the basics.

A single mom’s story

J.K Rowling became the most successful author

In response to Shweta’s six word story prompt: Success

I’m not a Harry Potter fan. I don’t know why! I want to read all the books sometime. But I have read articles on the author’s story of rag to riches.

So many things come to my mind for this prompt ☺️ Success is a vast topic. It means different things to different people. Some say success robs one of simple pleasures in life. In response to the prompt I first got badminton player PV Sindhu on my mind. The news coverage where she had tears in her eyes seeing the Indian flag and listening to our national anthem standing as a winner on that podium was the first thing that flashed on my mind. But couldn’t condense to Six Word Story.

I will surely post another take soon ☺️Thanks for reading, feedback most welcome 😊