So rare!
I dint dare,
Dream of owning!
Could not afford; I swear!
Parents decide now on gifting,
To come to terms, it was overwhelming!
What was the need to spend so much money? I miffed!
They said “We have! We can think of buying”!
Tears of pride came over gushing!
Emotions filled the air!
Counting blessing,
Held with care!
Did wear!

Tried a Diatelle, mainly because it’s in the shape of a diamond. The word “sniffed” is with respect to the side effect of tears 😅

My dad decided to surprise me with a gift. A diamond ring!! I’ve been brought up in stages of childhood, where it was difficult for my parents to make ends meet. Today, it fills me with pride to see both of them, being self reliant, financially stable and independent, and being able to enjoy a comfortable life.

I never fancied gold or diamond or any kind of jewellery. May be I always had the mindset, that diamond is far away from my reach, it never made its way to my dreams! Never dreamt of getting married to a rich family to be able to spend lavishly either!

Today, my parents were fulfilling a dream of their’s. And I had no choice but to oblige. I had a mixture of emotions when I saw the blue box, in which adorned a ring with sparkling stones.

If I express a wish to own jewellery, my husband will fulfil it for sure! By God’s grace, it is possible. But this gift, means the world to me!! However comfortable a girl is financially in her marriage, however capable her husband is, any gift from the mom’s side is priceless!

I am blessed to see this day. Not because of the shine of the diamonds, but to see the shine in my dad’s eyes ❤️

Wah Taj!

Image credit; Sanin Sn @ Unsplash

An ad on the TV said.. “Wah! Ustaad Wah! …. arey huzoor Wah Taj boliye”.

How many recollect the Taj Mahal tea advertisement from the 90s in India. Ustaad Zakir Hussain ji creating majic with his Tabla, in front of this monument, after sipping Taj Mahal tea! From those days, it was my dream to see it one day!

A trip here a few years ago, left me in awe. The Taj Mahal beaming in all its glory with the morning sun rays made it a picturesque view.

The white marble beauty adorned with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls made me wonder…. how expensive is Shah Jahan’s memoire for his beloved 😃.

How deep must be the love for his wife

To build a symbol of love after her life

A memoir for her in the place she lies..

Was it to prove true love never dies?

Shining like a Pearl with the blue sky in the backdrop

The mausoleum makes the travellers jaw drop

To describe its beauty in the best possible way

Wah Taj” was all that I could say 😊

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting #WDYS dear Sadje

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The fake news on paper

In response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Thinking of that day, I burn in rage
That fake news that maligned my image

She cried #metoo and tarnished my name
With a false story she quickly rose to fame

Just her gender gave her an upper hand
My truth, my story, had absolutely no stand

I have to forgive her to heal myself
I have to let go to bring back my own self

As the fire brings down this paper to ashes
I wish my hatred towards her vanishes

In these bright flames, I see my darkness
The prints have burnt, and here i am, wordless

I want to let go, I want to forget
I want to rise up, Be free with no regrets!

My broken self!

I saw myself

On the ground

Broken to bits of

Kaleidoscopic colours

The colours reflecting

My multitude emotions

My mask was there too

Well intact, unlike others!

It still had a smile,

A smile that all saw!

I gathered all the bits

Some sharp, some blunt.

Tried to place it together

Like a jig jaw puzzle

It’s me, my own self

Each piece I had to hunt.

Putting it together

Took quite some time

I struggled with it

Specially with my heart.

Taking out all sorrows

Emptying it all up

Bringing it back to shape

A tough one this, this heart!

I gave it my best,

filled it with fond memories

it’s my favourite

it started beating again

With all its deep scars

With all the bandage

I wonder how it works

Even when in pain.

The last one left now,

ah! that pretty face

placed all pieces together

glued it up, tight and perfect

Oh no, What do I do now?

I have messed it all up

I have got to rework

And somehow fix this defect.

The lips carried a frown

The curve went wrong

I knew it all the way,

It should carry a smile.

Can’t leave it at this

The curve needs a fix

Isn’t it?? What to do?

I thought for a while

There it is, my saviour

My life line, my friend

With you around

I never need to worry.

My flawless mask

My sole companion

It still fitted perfectly

On this aesthetic surgery

Give it to me, now!😊

Give me the blue skies

Give me the rains

Give me that piece of earth

I want those days back again


Give me those friends

Give me those tiny feet

Give me that muddy slush

I wanna get dirty again


Give me those waters

Give me those fields

Give me the crisp rays

I want to feel good again

Image credit- Elena Mozhvilo- Unsplash

Give me the browns

Give me the blues

Give me that blank page

I wanna paint it with memories again


This post is written in response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting it, Sadje