Happy is Happy!

I chose to be happy, now!

I just can’t have enough of telling this again and again in my posts. It’s like a switch turned ON in the brain.

As told in my previous post, we shifted our house today. I’m the types who wants a system for everything. I bought stickers and post it notes and labelled every box so that it goes to the right rooms.

We are three generations staying together. There will be loopholes, mistakes, misunderstandings, blames etc etc. I could make out that every moment I made a choice to not get worked up. It is what it is. No need to fret and carry on the negative emotions. You know the kind of feeling when you study eveything and then go to a practical exam? The happiness you get when an experiment works? Or when the code runs? I felt the same today 😀. Yess! Happiness is a choice! ❤️

Poured my thoughts here peeps! Thanks for reading. In response to Shweta’s Six word story prompt: Happy. Shwetaaaaa … where are you … I completed a 200 day streak… you are my motivation, you know that? Come and congratulate me…. 😅

A Journey

I’m on my way, travelling inwards!

This path of self discovery, to find happiness within, to live the moment, to be content, to stop my compulsive behaviour and be conscious… is the best journey I’ve begun.

Destination is no where near, but I’m glad I started off!

#6WSP: Journey. Thanks to Shweta for hosting 6WSP. Thanks for reading 😊

Fly high

I dreamt that I could fly

A string, stopped me from flying

Couldn’t let go couldn’t rise high

To reach the sky, kept trying

Being tied up was the problem

I decided! Have to get detached

Cutting off the thread, felt awesome

Free I am, no strings attached

This is synonymous to the numerous strings that we get hooked onto in life. Some keep us rotating in the same place. Since we are moving we fail to realise that we still are hooked to a string that’s stopping us from flying higher.

Each line has six words. This is in response to Shweta’s Six word story prompt: Balloon . Thanks for hosting it Shweta. 😊 and thanks to you all for stopping by and reading 😊

Lakhs spent on a single day!

Saved for years, for daughter’s wedding!

Title and the line above, are in response to Shweta’s Six word story prompt: Wedding

My mom had an FD account, lump sum, all to be blown up for my wedding!

I can never forget the argument I had with my mom that day, on why should she blow up the savings for one day!! She argued that it’s how things work. Me and hubby, sort of dint want it that way. We tried to make her understand, to keep the guests minimal and wedding simple. Indian weddings are never settled at “simple”. When she just dint budge, We concluded on our arguments and split the expenses. Me and my husband took up a big chunk of the expenses. We blew up all our savings. But we were young, we could afford to spend, it was our marriage, getting married to each other was our decision, how the marriage should take place was partly our parents’ desires and dreams too… we just couldn’t let our parents’ take up all expenses! We had to conclude on something that fits all!! 😄

I feel less guilty and some more pride within, thinking of the fact that we two, took care that of our wedding expenses!

Thanks for reading my story 😊

A rant … again!

Sick n tired of being sick

This year, I had quite a few bouts of migraine, back injury, swine flu, and now wheezing. I generally don’t fall sick. This year was very different 😊. My kids too declared that “mamma falls sick more often than grandma”. 😅

In response to Shweta’s Six word story prompt: Sick. Thanks for hosting this Shweta.


Wish life too had delete button

Not just delete, shift +delete please

Wanna erase those bitter moments etched

Wanna forget pain some incidents fetched

Wanna delete people I dint chose

Wanna remove some moments of abuse

Deleting all, mind may not concur

File too big’ warning may occur

In response to Shweta’s six word story prompt – delete. Thanks for hosting it, Shweta. Please come back to WP soon …

My take is the second line. Tried to rhyme a few lines around “delete” here. Thanks for reading, I love feedback ❤️


Preemie baby has developed severe pneumonia

This is just right out from my mind. My very dear cousin delivered a baby prematurely and the baby has developed severe pneumonia in its first week. This news has created a lot of panic. Lot of restlessness. Prayers .. prayers and only prayers on my mind

six word story: panic

He is a Villain

Take 1:

Willington’s will made him a villain

A Will, which doesn’t match childrens’ expectations, makes its creator “the villain”, sometimes.

Take 2:

He kidnapped his nephew for ransom

That’s villainous and straight out of a family drama movie isn’t it?

Take 3:

90’s kids’ villain image was ‘Mugambo’.

Mr. Amrish Puri, the typical villain of Bollywood. How famous was the dialogue “Mugambo, khush hua” ….. 😎

Take 4:

Spoilsport declared “Hero is only villain”

My cousin does this to me and it gets on to my nerves. He tells the climax ending of the movie I’m watching or the book I’m reading!!! Such a spoil sport 🙄

My Six word Stories in response to 6WSP by Shweta. Thanks for hosting this at Random Ramblings. A shout out too “Where are you Shwetaaaa…. We are missing you”. See you around soon.

Thanks for reading and I love feedback 😊