Hi there! Thanks for dropping by here @ “HappySoul”‘s blog, that’s my net-name. . πŸ™‚

To introduce, I am a Quality Assurance Engineer, currently a Stay-at-home mommy for my lovely daughters aged 10 and 5 years. I run my own food distribution business now. I am born and brought up and currently reside in Bangalore, in India.

I have a physical journal and I write very regularly. I used to read random blogs online and some of them, gave me a lot of comfort during tough times like my post partum depression. I am a very private person and I never thought I could create my blog one day, and people out there may relate to my writing. With the hope of finding like minded people who resonate with my thoughts and feelings, I have started ruhappysoul.

Every follow, every like, every comment on my site is overwhelming for me. It’s giving me a kind of happiness I can’t explain. With my real name unknown, I feel all the more free to pour out what’s on my mind. I’m enjoying this blogging journey and looking forward to learn from my fellow bloggers every single day !

My interests are life-lessons, relationships, parenting, short stories …. actually nothing in particular. I love to read and any well written blog, interests me.

I have a slight inclination towards rhyme and rhythm and you may notice it in my amateur poetry in my blog. I love reading , writing, crafting, sketching and gardening. If you have a post on these topics, please drop a link here.. I would love to read .

Thanks for dropping by 😊

I’m reachable at ruhappysoul@gmail.com. Feel free to drop a mail. I will be more than happy to keep in touch and read your feedback and views.

Warm Regards

HappySoul 😊

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