I believe in angels
I feel them around me!

The one without fairy wings,
Granting wishes for little things.

By the road, I saw one today
Helping a challenged find his way.

At the elevator I saw one more
For an aged lady, he held the door.

One touched me with what she did
At the cafe, packed meals for a hungry kid.

I saw a bunch of them at the beach
Picking all the litter within their reach

One was turning 10, chose not to celebrate
Instead for a cause, she asked all to donate!

Yes I believe in angels,
I see them around me...

The one without fairy wings...
Granting wishes for little things...

In response to Sadje‘s What do You See prompt. Thanks for hosting it dear Sadje.

Whenever I hear a word, I invariably start humming a song around that word. From the time I saw this prompt .. ABBA’s “I have a dream ..” is on my mind …and that led to my response to the prompt😊

🎵 I believe in angels, something good in everything I see .. 🎵

Thank you all for stopping by and reading ❤️

A Prayer

The balance in the ecosystem 
Was hampered by man’s deeds
The earth tried to tell us
‘To a disaster, this leads’

From centuries its happenings
Pandemics are trying to teach
For us Homo sapiens here
Learning seems out of reach

A minuscule virus stepped in!
To handle it we dint know!
“Karma bites” nature’s saying;
“You reap what you sow”!

To the universe I bow
With prayer on my mind
“Fill us all with healing power
You are our hope, please be kind”

“Fill us with peace, fill us with love
Forgive us for causing you pain
Hold us Mother Earth in your embrace
Give us a chance to nurture you again!”

In response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge : Karma Bites and Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thank you both for hosting these prompts. Thank you all for stopping by ..


So rare!
I dint dare,
Dream of owning!
Could not afford; I swear!
Parents decide now on gifting,
To come to terms, it was overwhelming!
What was the need to spend so much money? I miffed!
They said “We have! We can think of buying”!
Tears of pride came over gushing!
Emotions filled the air!
Counting blessing,
Held with care!
Did wear!

Tried a Diatelle, mainly because it’s in the shape of a diamond. The word “sniffed” is with respect to the side effect of tears 😅

My dad decided to surprise me with a gift. A diamond ring!! I’ve been brought up in stages of childhood, where it was difficult for my parents to make ends meet. Today, it fills me with pride to see both of them, being self reliant, financially stable and independent, and being able to enjoy a comfortable life.

I never fancied gold or diamond or any kind of jewellery. May be I always had the mindset, that diamond is far away from my reach, it never made its way to my dreams! Never dreamt of getting married to a rich family to be able to spend lavishly either!

Today, my parents were fulfilling a dream of their’s. And I had no choice but to oblige. I had a mixture of emotions when I saw the blue box, in which adorned a ring with sparkling stones.

If I express a wish to own jewellery, my husband will fulfil it for sure! By God’s grace, it is possible. But this gift, means the world to me!! However comfortable a girl is financially in her marriage, however capable her husband is, any gift from the mom’s side is priceless!

I am blessed to see this day. Not because of the shine of the diamonds, but to see the shine in my dad’s eyes ❤️

I’m a puzzle

Yesterday I read something and I’m hooked;
If I am a book how would the cover be?
Have been thinking on this awhile
Reena’s challenge, posed this question to me

Friends often say, that I’m an open book
They know me better than I know myself
A question lingered on my life’s purpose
I couldn’t sleep last night even @half past 12

My mind is a complicated jigsaw puzzle
The answers may be there, it needs to fit in
Each piece is filled with thoughts n desires
Driven by emotions, I seek answers from within

I try to push and fit the pieces together
By trimming edges or by applying force
Happiness may not accompany the end result
As my heart knows it’s not what I endorse

I don’t mind starting over from scratch
Putting all efforts and give my best again
Perfection in everything, is what I strive for
Efforts and learning never go in vain

The puzzle may be solved in this lifetime
Or few pieces may be left out, incomplete
I hope the pieces of my dream carve the way
And one day the big picture is seen, complete!


Up you go flying freely 
Freely with wings unleashed
Unleashed to seek the horizon
Horizon; the birdies’ retreat

Enhance the nature’s beauty
Beauty of the azure sky
Sky is the limit for your wings
Wings that yearn to fly high

Pretty plumage so well designed
Designed with glistening hues
Hues to depict nature’s canvas
Canvas of pinks, browns and blues

At every flower you make a stop
Stop to suck some nectar sweet
Sweet is your voice, I long to hear
Hear you sing, chirp and tweet

Smitten by your beauty I got a thought
Thought in my mind is quite clear
Clear I am and I truly believe
Believe that; Heaven is right here

© ruhappysoul

I’m tired

Image credit; Jayson Hinrichsen @ Unsplash

I’m tired

Of being strong all the time;

This life being an uphill climb

I’m tired

Of trying to push my pains away

To get through every single day

I’m tired

Of searching for a person I could call – friend

I break to pieces, looks like there’s no end

I’m tired

Of hiding my tears from rolling

Goodbyes are tough, my heart’s aching

I’m tired

Of wandering with no place to go

Here I am, alone, I’ve always been so

I’m tired …. just tired!

I want to rest!

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting WDYS dear Sadje.

Doesn’t that girl resemble Kareena Kapoor? 😬

A tiny marvel

Image credit; Richard Kesperowski@ Unsplash ( For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a couple of water lilies growing in a pond of water)

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting #WDYS dear Sadje.

I’m a tiny little marvel, living in a pond carefree

I’m not alone, I have many around just like me

In this mighty nature I may seem insignificant

About myself I’m proud and I feel magnificent

People stare, and stop to have a second look

Smitten by my beauty, photographs they took!

I’m loved by all, old n young, boy or girl

Sparkling in the sun beam, I shine like a Pearl

I’ve stood by the high winds that swept across me

I’ve taken pains when frogs kept their feet on me

Carrying nature’s hues, I’m a treat to the eye

That one kiss from the leaf gets my spirits high

When you look around for marvels, you find it everywhere

Be the foliage of waterlily or in me, a water drop around there.

Comfort and Happiness

When I was 5
Comfort was living within four walls with a roof on top
Happiness was food on our plate, money to buy basics from shop

When I was 10,
Comfort was a house with 24 hour water in the tap
Happiness was a cake from bakery, or getting a gift with a wrap

When I was 15
Comfort was a house with a toilet just for the 4 of us
Happiness was cutting my birthday cake, shopping dresses was a big plus!

When I was 20
Comfort was a two bedroom house with our own cot and furniture,
Happiness was hosting parties, shopping in malls and fine dine for dinner

When I was 25
Comfort was affording rent for any house of our choice
Happiness was seeing parents’ comfort, see them travel countries and rejoice

Now at 40... well almost
Comfort has new meanings as I see the floor plan of the new house
Comfort for all we seek, we discuss, raise our concerns and doubts
I look at the square foot area of our single master bedroom
It’s a bit bigger than my house at 5, which had a single room
Happiness to me now, is being grateful for all these blessings
Happiness is seeing my parents proud as both her kids look at new beginnings

I had tears as I composed this post. It’s close to my heart. I’m unable to express all my thoughts in words but I guess you guys can feel me.

As we plan for attached bathroom for my daughters’ room, I go back to think about how at 12 years of age, we lived in a block of rented houses where four random unknown families shared a common toilet. The nuisances of one family not keeping it clean!!! The leaks, the broken taps, the fights on who did it!! I used to wake up very early just to be the first one to use the toilet. (You remember my post on OCD for toilets?? it’s there from then 😅) I would clean it up everyday before and after using it!!

Now I plan for an attached bath as my girls are growing up and it’s good to have one in their room! Am I grateful for all the blessings these past years!!!! Grateful that discussions of comfort are at a different level now! Grateful for our parents for all their hard work!! Grateful for everyone who helped us come up!! 🙏🙏🙏

My brother too is planning to start construction of a house and I could see the joy and the pride in my mom’s eyes as we discussed things!!! It means the world to us!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading..