I missed participating last week and I’m too late for the wrap. Yet here is my response to Shweta’s Six word story prompt: “Miracle”

The hole in the heart; gone!

I believe in Miracles. I believe everything around me is a miracle 😊. My life is trying all ways to make me believe in them all the more and I’m ever grateful for that.

The recent ECHO done for my elder daughter showed that the hole in the heart: ASD – Atrial septal defect, had closed by itself. It’s a congenital defect. All of us are born with a small hole in the heart but within a year of birth, the hole closes by itself. For some it doesn’t happen and my daughter too was among the chosen ones. She had to undergo a surgery if it hadn’t improved to this stage at 10 years of age. I had mentally prepared myself and had always prepared her to be in a state like “Surgery is nothing major, it’s a boon that defects can be fixed”. But yes, miracles happen. ❤️No surgery, just a follow up again after two years just to double check that miracles do happen 😇

Cat’s complaint!

Cannot control curiosity! 
Can’t contain criticism!

Clarify completely;

“Cat Calling” connotes; “Cruel commenting”???

Can’t condone!

Tried to put out a cat’s view; on its name being used for “harassment and indecent comments”.

A Tautogram in response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting it dear Sadje. Thank you all for dropping by.

Old age

Before the weekly wrap, my “just in time” entry for Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting it dear Sadje.

Beneath the tree, in the same place
He sits, filled with an uncertainty
Hoping for some kind souls to pass by
At 83, he seems cursed by poverty

He plays the same melancholic tunes
Holding his asset in those wrinkled hands
The musical notes hum, regrets of his life
The agony of which, only he understands!

By the end of the day, his bag has few pennies
Fills his tummy well, but a hunger remains…
A hunger for love, hunger for empathy
It’s a difficult task, to soothe these pains!

My heart sends a prayer to these folks
Let there be peace, not any strife!
A fear of the unknown creeps into me…
How will I be in the last leg of my life?

Thanks for dropping by and reading. Will try my best to catch up with all posts and comments this week. 🙌😊

❤️take care ❤️


In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thank you for hosting WDYS dear Sadje, and that’s an awesome click 😊

Peek a boo, I can see you there
Behind the clouds; a solar flare

Feels like we are ensnared amidst gloom
Awaiting light to expel the sense of doom.

Just as it seems that it’s getting a shade brighter
Another Nimbostratus comes and takes over

I’ve been wishing now, for months in vain,
Awaiting the time, this earth smiles again!

Enough of Lockdowns and virtual meet
Let this game end now and shall never repeat

However clouded it gets from time to time
Through each cloud, the sun shall always shine

I play a rhyme game with my daughter. For every sentence I say, she has to follow up with a line that ends with a rhyming word. This post is partially from her thoughts 😊

We at home cannot think of anything else but this pandemic and it’s after effects. A family very close to us are going through a rough patch and we all are praying for things to be normal again 🙏

Thank you all for stopping by and reading ❤️

A routine

Makes coffee for her every morning!”

In response to Shweta’s Six word story prompt: Love. So glad to be participating in this prompt after so long. 😊Thanks for hosting this Shweta.

I read a book called “Five love languages” which beautifully explains how different people express love in different ways. Broadly grouped into; Words of affection, Quality time, Physical touch, Acts of service and Receiving gifts.

Parents always love their kids isn’t it? Yet while growing up I always felt my mom loved me more and my dad dint love me as much. Just because me and my mom shared the same love languages “Quality time and physical touch”. She used to give me a warm hug as soon as she is back from her office and used to spend time asking me about my day. I used to feel so secure and loved.

With respect to my dad, I cannot recall a day he has given a hug to me or spent quality time with me as such. Yet, I cannot recall a day he hasn’t made coffee for me or helped me with my tasks. Whether he felt a lil tired or was busy, he would still make me coffee with a lot of care. Fresh milk, fresh decoction always! Just the way I like it!

I branded him a “strict father” who scolds us more and loves us less. After reading the book, I can just say, he expresses his love in a different way, as much or much more than my mom! I just dint understand earlier. In his own way: Making my coffee everyday was his act of love for me. ❤️

So if you feel someone doesn’t love you, May be you don’t understand their love language yet 😊

Thanks for reading and I love your feedback ❤️

Birds eye view

In response to Sadje’s “What do you see” prompt. Thanks for hosting it dear Sadje!

Sipping on the coffee Rishab had made for her, she sat by the window while her kids played in the room.

There it goes again, her dream car, Porsche! She stuck her gaze on it, till it vanished from her sight.

How different would her life be if she had married that rich guy who was interested in her during college days, she wondered.

A worm’s eye view showed a tear-eyed man driving the Porsche, returning home from his wife’s funeral.

A/N – This post is way different from my usual takes for WDYS. It’s a result of constant reminders to myself to count my blessings in general, more so now amidst pandemic.

Thanks for stopping by. Bangalore is getting one shade better with COVID cases and I hope I can come back to writing here regularly ….. soon.. 😊

What do I see?

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting it Sadje.. my take this week is simple and straight out of my heart 😊

The doors remained shut for so long

Caged within, felt that’s where they belong!

Emotions overflowed poems were written

In a secret place away from all it lay hidden!

Like creepers that find a way and grow however,

Sweet and bitter memories kept piling, over and over…

At stressful times it was a blog that kept me sane

One find day a thought struck; why not I do the same?

Will I fit in here? Will anyone connect to me

Can I write my mind out? Can I just be, Me??

My emotional quotient and confidence levels took a turn,

When I created and wrote my first post on Live Love Laugh Learn

Sadje’s prompt this week, took me back to that day

My first post here was published on 28th May (28-5)


In response to Sadje’s what do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting WDYS dear Sadje

Attempted it after reading wiki article on Sphinx and realised that I have very little knowledge about it 😅

Alka Jha @ unsplash

Mysterious marvel amidst the golden sand,
A treasure trove of secrets, poised you stand.

Body of a woman, head of a lion, wings of a bird;
Wish you could tell us your stories, never before heard

With round eyes that stare, You strike a pose!
Can’t help but wonder who cut off your nose!!

Are those layers due to wind and heat!
Or are you someone’s dream, left incomplete ?

Big problems – little problems

To my left … I see this:

I wanted to post something here today. Something to say I’m still here, I’m alive 😅. Linda’s prompt made me smile.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “to your left.” When you sit down to write your post, look to your left. What is the thing closest to you? Write about the memories that thing induces. Enjoy!

Well I’m not able to enjoy writing for this prompt. But I’m going ahead anyway. My city is having a huge spike of covid cases and we at home, we hear atleast one death in our known circle per day! It’s so much far from normalcy! It’s another thing that we have a big circle but still …. it’s so not normal! A few of us are volunteering to help people find hospital beds or search for medicines and arrange for it’s delivery. There’s shortage of all resources, be it oxygen or the steroids that doctors are prescribing. Many calls are needed to land with a correct contact. This is taking away most of my time these days and hence was away from WP. So kind of a few of you here to check on me, means a lot ❤️big thank you❤️

On normal days, when I have free time, when life is going on as usual, seeing my desk like this (the attached pic) in the living room used to be so irritating. I would give a nice long lecture to my kids as to how important it is to keep the house clean. Why did they waste paper? Why did they cut so many pieces and if it’s for their play, why not clean it up? It would be so difficult to sweep these away for our helper too. Now due to lockdown situation no helper either!!

But none of these bothered me today! I’m glad my kids are finding ways to keep themselves occupied, without being able to meet their friends or go out anywhere for more than a year now! These are supposedly “veggies” for my 5 year old’s kitchen play. 😂These bits were all over the house!!! Yet it dint seem a problem today!

I just had answered a call from someone who wasn’t able to find a bed for his wife who is feeling breathless!!

I just had called someone with a positive news that “I found that medicine in a remote corner medical shop in Bangalore” while he said “the patient is no more”!!

I was trying to arrange medicines for someone’s parents’ here, both tested positive for covid and were super tired to even call the medical stores for home delivery!!

I had made phone calls to provide food for the needy who are finding difficult to meet basic requirements in this pandemic!!

No … the bits of paper that were all around my house did not bother me even one bit today!!! I’m grateful we are all safe, we are all healthy, we have food and shelter!!! Every small problem that bothered me before felt nothing compared to what I’m attending to all day!!!

❤️❤️❤️Dear Earth, please heal soon!!! ❤️❤️❤️

P. S : If you are eligible, please get vaccinated

If you are COVID recovered and meet the requirements, please donate plasma.

Do your little bit, whatever you can, today! The world needs you!


Image credit; Philippe D @ Unsplash

After a splendid all day performance,
Into the horizon, he slowly slides…
As though awaiting to take a dip
In the waters, to play with the tides…

All spectators look up in awe,
With majestic grandeur he leaves the sky…
Lighting up this stage with an orange haze,
For the moon to take over, in her unique style!

My simple take in response to What do you see prompt, by Sadje. Thanks for hosting WDYS dear Sadje.

P.S: “Surya” is the local name for the Sun here in India.

❤️Thanks a lot for dropping by and reading❤️