More than a friend

He looked deep into the eyes of his best friend! He knew he was in love all the way, but held back his feelings, locked it up in his heart! He was very sure there was love both ways. But what would the society say? How would Dad take it? Can he even understand my love story? Will he put my interests above the societal acceptance?

“I am in love with my classmate. I don’t have the courage to talk to you and so I took to writing this letter! His name is Raj! I hope you read the Internet to know more about homosexuals Dad. I’m one! I hope you accept my relationship. It means the world to me. Waiting to hear from you first thing tomorrow morning”

He gathered all his courage and dropped the letter on his Dad’s desk

Reena’s Exploration challenge

Wah Taj!

Image credit; Sanin Sn @ Unsplash

An ad on the TV said.. “Wah! Ustaad Wah! …. arey huzoor Wah Taj boliye”.

How many recollect the Taj Mahal tea advertisement from the 90s in India. Ustaad Zakir Hussain ji creating majic with his Tabla, in front of this monument, after sipping Taj Mahal tea! From those days, it was my dream to see it one day!

A trip here a few years ago, left me in awe. The Taj Mahal beaming in all its glory with the morning sun rays made it a picturesque view.

The white marble beauty adorned with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls made me wonder…. how expensive is Shah Jahan’s memoire for his beloved 😃.

How deep must be the love for his wife

To build a symbol of love after her life

A memoir for her in the place she lies..

Was it to prove true love never dies?

Shining like a Pearl with the blue sky in the backdrop

The mausoleum makes the travellers jaw drop

To describe its beauty in the best possible way

Wah Taj” was all that I could say 😊

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting #WDYS dear Sadje

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Are you lying?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” Enjoy!

—- Linda’S SoCS prompt

The first word that came to my mind – Honesty

If there’s one thing that I value most from my first circle, it’s honesty.

You don’t want to be my friend? Thinking of getting rid of connections with this me? Just tell a lie.. (that will affect me personally).. it’s that simple 🙌🙌😀.

I can take any bitter truth but not a lie. It was just one month after my second kid that my husband suddenly had serious health issues. He had to undergo a major surgery. I was at my mom’s then. His cousins had suggested to avoid telling me the truth so that it doesn’t disturb me much. What if I slip into depression? My husband completely denied it! He had called me the same day and updated everything with a prior warning to stay calm. This situation made me so strong unexpectedly, that I was ready to face ANYTHING! 🙏But a white lie would have left me broken. It’s this understanding that has kept us going for 15 years I guess😊❤️

This reminds me of another incident; my first HR interview where I was asked “what are the two values you truly stand by?” I had answered immediately “honesty” and had taken time for the second one, and said “commitment”. You know how good HR’s are in testing our responses and thinking ability!!!!!!! He had cleverly put up a situation where I had to give up on one of them. 45 minutes of intense discussions in the interview and getting carried away with numerous questions and cross questions, even without me realising it, I hadn’t given up on honesty!! 😬 At the end he gave me a compliment, on my presence of mind and inbuilt value system, and those words will stay with me forever ❤️

What’s your core value? Would love to know.

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Is this love?

“There’s a spring in my step, blush on my cheeks and a smile I can’t hide. Am I in love?”

Back then, my mom had noticed the cheerful me and guessed there’s something fishy! A few weeks later, she got a call from her to-be son-in-law asking for her daughter’s hand in marriage. 😬

Thank you Akanksha for hosting the TWT. I have combined prompts of last two weeks: love and spring.

Why worry?

Why think of tomorrow’s sorrow? Why worry? 
Often we soak ourselves in this poison of anxiety and fear
Relax! Breathe! Take one day at a time, one moment at a time
Remember worry only steals us of the joy of the present
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown, live this moment

I just finished a bit of “gyan session” to my daughter. Not too much… just a wee little bit.., She has her exams going and there is this one answer in English text book she doesn’t want to read and she chose not to read. She is a finisher and perfectionist. She was restless through the evening, she dint enjoy the evening walk with her grandma. When I asked what’s bothering her, She said “what if the same question comes in the exam!” 😅

You have two choices I said

1. Read it now. It will take half an hour. You already wasted half a day thinking and whining about it

2. If you have decided not to read, just let it go. It’s just 5 marks and it’s a choice. So you should be ok! Don’t spoil the whole day worrying about it

Annnnnd I see Reena’s challenge with the word “worry” embossed on the wrench. Words just flowed

Now I wonder why I was soooo tensed during my exams in college days! Could have thought better and written without tension .. life takes its course and my daughter too will learn in her own way I guess 😊

Thanks Reena, for hosting Reena’s exploration challenge. Thanks to you all for dropping by.

🖤 Dinner Date 🖤


Evening breeze play gently with my hair
I don’t trust him yet, in this love affair
Feel he is faking it for my money and power
Fear that he’ll push me down from this tower
Even as these thoughts get my mind clouded
Let’s go down and enjoy the evening he said

The streets glitter in gold and silver
On a dinner date cruising the Seine river
What’s happening suddenly I don’t feel right
Everything seems topsy turvy this night
Reason it out to the wine? Or am I drugged?

Image credit; Lance Anderson @ Unsplash

I haven’t missed Sadje’s What do you see prompt since I started blogging and last week was my first! So I tried to combine last two prompts here. Thanks for hosting WDYS Sadje.

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A getaway

A ‘good morning’ indeed

Sunrays and flowers
Greet the soul early morning.

Hey there 😊. I was on a short vacation and later had a tummy upset and a horrible episode of migraine. This led to an unexpected break from WP.

A sudden unplanned trip brings so much of excitement isn’t it? There was a booking we had since one year in a resort and we couldn’t go due to covid. It’s still unused. We have overworked ourselves by planning and cancelling that trip n number of times. Well this short vacation to another place was so instantaneous. We packed our bags in the morning and left home by afternoon. The stay was awesome and refreshing to say the least. A view with just greens from the window, staying so close in the lap of nature, enjoying the silence away from chaos, listening to the chirping birds, the fragrance of flowers ….. everything just everything about this place was perfect. I wonder if I liked everything, just because, this was a break after nearly 2 years 😅. When you are hungry and famished, any food tastes awesome isn’t it 😬

I dint expect to take such a long break from WP. This is the first time that I haven’t taken part in a few writing prompts 😬 . Thanks to my migraine. The fact that lifted my spirits all the more is that my friends here missed me too…. thank you my dear ones for dropping by and checking on me! It means a LOT. ❤️Overwhelmed and grateful ❤️

Love in the air

My kids’ acts always leads to mixed feelings within me.

They gave us this Valentine’s Day card. We usually go on a dinner date on 14th, because it was on this day, that we thought of being together through life! A day when a good-bye meet turned to “for-ever promise”. It’s 18 years since then 😊

My kids still think we go out and celebrate because it’s Valentine’s and so they decided to make a card for us. They have this bead-art kit where you join beads into a pattern and spray some water and then the beads stick together.

They think we are “love-birds” (big lols on that) and the only bird they knew to make was “owl”. (Bigger LOL). So yes, those two owls there is me and my better half. How cute we look isn’t it??. Happy Valentine’s to us🥂

In our local language we use owl to convey that someone is foolish. Whereas many out there think it’s a symbol of wisdom. ‘The wise owl’.. I will chose the latter 😬

Nevertheless, we loved and appreciated the gesture ❤️😊

A very happy Valentine’s Day to you all out there. ❤️Be Love❤️