Image credit; Philippe D @ Unsplash

After a splendid all day performance,
Into the horizon, he slowly slides…
As though awaiting to take a dip
In the waters, to play with the tides…

All spectators look up in awe,
With majestic grandeur he leaves the sky…
Lighting up this stage with an orange haze,
For the moon to take over, in her unique style!

My simple take in response to What do you see prompt, by Sadje. Thanks for hosting WDYS dear Sadje.

P.S: “Surya” is the local name for the Sun here in India.

❤️Thanks a lot for dropping by and reading❤️

46 thoughts on “Surya

    1. Thank you so much dear Chris .. lots of backlog here for me in WP. I just read your post now.
      It’s a huge compliment for me, that our imagination was on the same lines😊 … I’m always in awe with your writing and that’s a beautiful poem there. ❤️😊

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  1. That is exactly what we see from the beach ( but unfortunately we have not been there for a long time due to the crowd 😦 ) and from EndPoint, one end of the hill , where we go almost every other day 🙂
    Very well written.

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    1. You said it so right, dear Subbashini … I just read a quote today …”with a determination to stay strong all the time she forgot to stay happy” … really we need to cherish the little joys
      Thanks a lot for your feedback ❤️means a lot


    1. Awwww dearie … so sweet of you to check on me. Yes Akshita, Bangalore has a surge of cases .. somehow couldn’t sit quite .. took up volunteering to help people to register with govt hospitals, get medicines etc. it’s taking up most of my time … waiting for this to pass … hopefully I can post something today … ❤️
      Thanks again for this message .. brought a smile on this gloomy day I’m going through ..

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      1. You’re doing an increadible job,Di💖(can I call you that?)
        We are all a family here, aren’t we? We’ll always check on each other. Glad I could make you smile🤗♥️

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      2. Oh I love it if you call so ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰
        Yes dearie … I feel it so much .. will complete one year here this month end … and I miss not writing here you know!!! WP is so different! It’s connected me to you all amazing people ❤️❤️forever grateful..

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Shristy.. thanks a lot for dropping by. Will turn in notifications so that I know when you post. Will definitely check. Have been extremely held up this week and checking all messages now ., will drop by for sure 😊


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