40 thoughts on “A secret

    1. I don’t know the reason yet, as to why I haven’t shared my name etc .. I think may be it leads to expectations. Like I would want my relatives friends to read my work and appreciate etc. it then becomes personal I feel 😅😅weird reasons Subbashini 😬😬


      1. Yes I accept, sharing our thoughts at the place where no one knows who we are is very good. It creates new us. I can feel it. Except my own family no one knows I am having a blog (very few knew but they won’t read my post) . I won’t share it anywhere. I am not at all using Facebook. I don’t even know whether I am blogging correctly or not. I am using this place for sharing my thoughts in simple I am fully me here.

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      2. So true. It has created a new me. I’m very grateful for that 😇
        When you share your thoughts; you are so truly yourself, that you get a circle you can connect with nicely … that’s so refreshing and soul filling ❤️😊


    1. 😂😂lols … I had shared some work with my family .. no one read them .. that’s one reason it feels good to not tag my name here.. the “Happy” doesn’t have too many expectations .. but gets very excited if she gets appreciation😃

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    1. Awww R.. you telling me this makes me so happy ! it’s very difficult to find like minded people I felt. Whole hearted appreciation, encouragement, criticism and expectations from very near ones, all this was heavy for me! I feel very light here. Totally myself.
      But slowly, nowadays, I’m loving myself more and expectations from family is coming down .. can feel it .. it feels good. 😊


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