Preparation for exams,

She memorised all colour codes!


Colour filled world was an illusion!

Darkness was all she saw!

A/N: in response to Akanksha’s Twenty word Tuesday prompt: colours.

I volunteer to create audio books for visually challenged children. Being sensitive to their needs, is a never ending learning curve! ❤️ it’s easy for me to read out “code red – fire” “code yellow – internal emergency “, but I wonder, how difficult it is for them to memorise all this without knowing what red n yellow look like!

But thankfully, they are blessed with amazing memory!

48 thoughts on “Exam time…

    1. Exactly Anisha .. I told her today about this post too .. and she says “you people feel like that, we don’t feel it’s a problem .. it’s just that our ways and choices are different” I love her positive attitude .. ❤️

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      1. Yes Anisha .. Amrita Bindu in Bangalore .. I’m not active with anything else there, just audio books and content creation for one project ..


    1. Bless you for saying this .. your heart is full of love that it overflows dear Rashmiiii … it sends across lovely vibes …
      thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    1. Thank you so much dear Yeshu, this girl that I am in connect with is amazing .. I’m learning a lot from her in the process .. she’s so positive about every situation you know … they surely are gifted 😇❤️

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