Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with cal.” Use a word starting with the letters “cal” as your prompt word. Have fun!

Calling – what’s my calling? What is my life’s purpose? Why am I here and what am I doing here?

These questions are on my mind more than required nowadays. Somehow I am just not able to figure it out. If I ask my kid, what she wants to become.. she is so crystal clear with her answer. As an adult, why is finding the answer so difficult?

I have dreams. Some are significant, some are trivial. I work towards realising them. I’ve read that when a person is working towards a goal in life, they are driven, they are happy. Why am I not happy from within? This means I haven’t given a serious thought on my dreams and goals isn’t it?

I dont know when I will become aware, awakened or enlightened about the purpose of this life! But I’ve learned that I need to live this moment and not get anxious of the future or depressed about the past.

I have a wallpaper that says “ignite your passion, find your calling”. All I need is a matchstick.. to ignite .. and find that ‘passion’.

Now… I wonder … if my post makes sense at all. It’s SoCS and so I’ll follow the rules and post it as it is. Raw! Any of you in the same boat? I’m looking for a fellow traveller

By the way Happiness day was March 20th and 21st is international poetry day. My wishes to all you writers out there 🥰 just want to let you know, I admire your work a lot.

❤️keep inspiring ❤️

40 thoughts on “Socs – “Cal”

  1. Hey dear HS, your calling is to become a wife, to become a mother, to become a successful woman. Aren’t these already fulfilled in your life. Chil, life is too short to worry. Happy Sunday 🤗❤️❣️

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  2. I wonder about this too and no matter how many answers I get, I am never satisfied.
    And your daughter has a clear answer, that’s actually admirable!
    Nice one, HS!!
    And Have a Happy Happiness Day 😄
    PS: I think you meant 22nd in the post but have written 22st😅

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    1. Very true dear Sadje, and with some dreams I have no choice but to tell myself that “it’s not practical in this life” may be due to health reasons and my overall condition for now.
      May be that’s what is sinking in to me… May be I’m taking time to accept that certain things are not possible in this life’s journey ..
      I think I need to just roll back from that and work on new achievable goals that will keep me going .. thanks a lot for your feedback and I’m waiting to read your Sunday poser 😊

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    1. Hey fellow traveller 😌🥰. You know what Usha, I realised you have a grand daughter, after reading many posts of yours. I really had a shift in thinking then.
      Suddenly, the Usha I had imagined to be my age around, shifted in my mind to my mother’s.
      My mother in law doesn’t even own a mobile. She is closed to learning new things. My mother still learns to use apps download stuff etc. And I was really impressed by your zeal to write, start a blog, learn to use this app, pour your thoughts here and look for like minded people. Kudos to you. I really wish I continue to have the urge to keep learning at different stages in my life too. This way you have taught me something even without meeting me 😊keep writing, keep inspiring 💕sending across lots of best wishes


    1. So well said Subbashini … I need to learn to enjoy the uncertainty of this life and take in each day. I’m glad I wrote this post .. all your comments have given me a new perspective 🥰


  3. And, you inspire all of us, Ru. ❤ Dreams iterate over time, they ignite, as you write, then as we move towards them, we may change direction, and go a different way. There is no one way to visualize, work towards, and manifest a dream. For me, the important part is to know that every action I take is purposeful each day in service to myself, and everyone else. Wow, that was fun. Great post, my friend. 😊🙏🌹

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    1. Dear Jeff, you are too kind ❤️. Thanks so much for these words. As I read this I think I am “resistant to change” and was taking time to accept that things do change 😅.
      I love it when you say “to know every action is purposeful”. I think this line will stay with me for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here dear Jeff. Now I’m so glad I clicked on “publish” for this post. Getting a platter of thoughts n learnings. Have a great day ahead 😊

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      1. You’re always welcome, dear Ru. It is my complete pleasure. Ah, I am so glad to know and am also so glad that you published this post. An act of strength and courage, my friend. Thank you, have a lovely day and a wonderful week. ❤🙏🌹🌞😊

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    1. With age I am beginning to realise that some dreams are not for this lifetime! Some are not possible.. it was difficult for me to accept this. I took time to relook and redesign or say recaliberate my dreams and goals ..

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      1. Quite a few Cindy. Some are too trivial. I took time to roll back from unaccomplished goals. Covid took away my business. I tried to get back to work and technology has moved way ahead. I am not able to cope well with the new coding course I am taking. The things I learnt in a day, is taking way too long now. I begin to wonder if this is what I want to do in life. I am unable to find out what’s my next path. A small example.
        Health wise, I have always been a blood donor. Now I can’t as I have thyroid problem and diabetes is setting in. Each time I get the blood work I’m always in hope that my health is getting better and the medicines will stop 😅the doc said it’s a gift for this life ..
        so to step back and redefine my dreams, to forget about blood donation and just work in improving my health, I took time 🙈😅
        I don’t know if all that i typed makes sense? Just poured my thoughts. Thanks a lot for the kind words. Means a lot 💕

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      2. Oh my Rue that’s a lot to deal with and thanks for sharing it. First off, I’m sooooo sorry about loosing your business. What a shock to see how fast and much it’s changed in such a short time. Shocking how fast the world is chaging. I admire you for moving forward and having in with the course. You’ll have to reevaluate and see what you want next and see if you catch on. It’s good you are reflecting to see what feels right next.

        Oh my, I think you’re wise to focus on your health and keep exercising and eating well and you have done your contribution for society with your past blood donations. Time for you. Some people actually do need the meds but many can shift with health changes.
        It all makes sense. I applaud your efforts!!!
        You’re so welcome!! 💖💖💖💖

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      3. Yes Cindy, the change was too quick. Though I knew covid will be there for a long time, I somehow kept hoping things will improve in my business. But I’m glad we closed at the right time. Dint incur heavy losses. 😇

        My husband says the same. He says it’s time to be grateful that I could donate blood till now. If things improve with my health it’s great. Else it’s ok too 😊Ah!! This brain of mine …. takes time to accept things
        thank you so much dear Cindy.. sending across lots of love your way. You are too kind ❤️❤️

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      4. Totally took everyone by surprise! You sound like you have adapted well to the loss and I’m sure it will take time. So glad you didn’t incur any big losses.
        Yes, the main thing is you’re healthy and with the right program I’m sure you’ll get there. Cutting out simple carbohydrates (breads, rice, pasta, sugars, alcohol etc ) often does the trick.
        And thanks for donating in all the years past as I’m such a chicken.
        Cut yourself some slack this is a new condition.
        Awwww thanks for the love and same to you Rue.. ❤️🌷🤗

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      5. Thank you so much dear Cindy 💕

        Right, I’ve made a few changes with my diet and timings of food. It’s making a lot of difference .. walking is helping too ..

        Thanks to you too Cindy .. 💕lotssa love


    1. This is one thing I really don’t get an answer for … what goal is a good goal now? To be content and be happy ? Or Strive for more and May be I will relish the sense of achievement??? I’m still hanging somewhere around these thoughts .. hopefully I will settle with something soon ..

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