Image credit; Sonny Mauricio

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting, dear Sadje

From days I’m on your focus 
I’m a celebrity here, and you expect me to pose!
This happens, I try and understand...

Can’t even have a private chat with my wife
I’m wild!!! And you; a wild life photographer
It happens - I try and understand..

In my abode, you try and eavesdrop
Please don’t mind these droppings
Shit happens - I hope you understand!

On the way home in the office quarters where we lived, there were arrays of trees on both sides and from 6 to 7pm, hundreds of birds would return home. At this one hour, there was a maximum chance of crows’ shit dropping on our head. Me and my brother would hold an umbrella and walk on the way back from computer classes. It’s easier to wash the umbrella, than the task of taking a bath again. The position of this eagle in the pic, somehow reminds me of those days. 😅

I tried to write something on this pic, from the past two days. I open this page and try my best to write and yet… no words come out! I gave an effortless attempt, as I dint want to give up. It happens and I know you understand 😬

Thanks for reading 🥰

35 thoughts on “It happens

  1. Nice post, Ru. I enjoyed it much! I remember being a kid walking to school in LA, and having pigeons everywhere. Was shit on many times. It, as you write, happens. Have a lovely Sunday! 😊❤️

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    1. Ha ha yes Chris, some say that. Coincidentally, My then friend, (now my husband) had a crow shit experience. the day I said yes to his proposal. I’m kinda glad he still thinks it’s lucky 😬

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