Yesterday I read something and I’m hooked;
If I am a book how would the cover be?
Have been thinking on this awhile
Reena’s challenge, posed this question to me

Friends often say, that I’m an open book
They know me better than I know myself
A question lingered on my life’s purpose
I couldn’t sleep last night even @half past 12

My mind is a complicated jigsaw puzzle
The answers may be there, it needs to fit in
Each piece is filled with thoughts n desires
Driven by emotions, I seek answers from within

I try to push and fit the pieces together
By trimming edges or by applying force
Happiness may not accompany the end result
As my heart knows it’s not what I endorse

I don’t mind starting over from scratch
Putting all efforts and give my best again
Perfection in everything, is what I strive for
Efforts and learning never go in vain

The puzzle may be solved in this lifetime
Or few pieces may be left out, incomplete
I hope the pieces of my dream carve the way
And one day the big picture is seen, complete!

41 thoughts on “I’m a puzzle

  1. It is a myth that friends know us better than ourselves. Though it offers insights on how we come across to others, their own perspectives get mixed up.

    The pieces of the puzzle appear not to fit, because of sub-conscious corners unknown to us. And then, we get trapped in rationalising what we did so far.

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    1. I totally agree with you Reena, it’s indeed a myth.
      And so true about our subconscious mind and the tricky part is to stay concious and not get trapped .. that’s always work – in – progress for me 😀
      Loved this prompt Reena, thought provoking! Thanks for hosting 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. R, I always feel so. ❤️ When I read your work, the message conveyed between lines, the take away points are always very relatable to me ❤️
      I would love to read your work similar to this one .. when free, can you drop me a link 😊and thank you so much for this lovely comment .. made my day 🥰


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