Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” Enjoy!

—- Linda’S SoCS prompt

The first word that came to my mind – Honesty

If there’s one thing that I value most from my first circle, it’s honesty.

You don’t want to be my friend? Thinking of getting rid of connections with this me? Just tell a lie.. (that will affect me personally).. it’s that simple 🙌🙌😀.

I can take any bitter truth but not a lie. It was just one month after my second kid that my husband suddenly had serious health issues. He had to undergo a major surgery. I was at my mom’s then. His cousins had suggested to avoid telling me the truth so that it doesn’t disturb me much. What if I slip into depression? My husband completely denied it! He had called me the same day and updated everything with a prior warning to stay calm. This situation made me so strong unexpectedly, that I was ready to face ANYTHING! 🙏But a white lie would have left me broken. It’s this understanding that has kept us going for 15 years I guess😊❤️

This reminds me of another incident; my first HR interview where I was asked “what are the two values you truly stand by?” I had answered immediately “honesty” and had taken time for the second one, and said “commitment”. You know how good HR’s are in testing our responses and thinking ability!!!!!!! He had cleverly put up a situation where I had to give up on one of them. 45 minutes of intense discussions in the interview and getting carried away with numerous questions and cross questions, even without me realising it, I hadn’t given up on honesty!! 😬 At the end he gave me a compliment, on my presence of mind and inbuilt value system, and those words will stay with me forever ❤️

What’s your core value? Would love to know.

❤️Thanks for dropping by and reading ❤️

33 thoughts on “Are you lying?

  1. Being true to one another in a relationship is very precious! I’ve read something good to start my day with. Have a wonderful day, Happy Soul! 🙂

    Also, I thought of something to write for the same quality inspired by the SoCS. I was just wondering if it could be posted beyond Saturday and now I will.

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    1. Such a sweet feedback Anisha! Thanks a lot for such lovely words! Yes indeed it’s very precious 😇
      Will drop by at your your blog soon.. waiting to read it 😊


    1. Aww that’s so sweet.. kindness! Ofcourse, it makes this world a better place isn’t it. Thanks for sharing ❤️
      About lying to oneself… I feel ya!! 😜😜I used to pull myself back and say, “let’s just bite in to the truth here” 😁

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    1. It does.. I agree… a white lie is a solution to many problems at times.. but if it’s in a relationship and to keep it going strong, what’s the point if two people are not true to each other.. ?!
      you as a HR.. are you boring ?? 😂I read your recent post just now and you are a damn interesting person ! ☺️

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  2. I think honesty is so important to so many people because of all the things it’s linked to, that are essential in any relationship, trust and reliability being at the top of the list.

    Awesome post! Thanks for joining in! 😀

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    1. Exactly Linda.. the trust that is built between two people is just so important to keep the bond intact. Thanks so much for dropping by and giving feedback,
      About SoCS.. it’s one prompt I enjoy most as I need to keep it raw with minimal editing 😇

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    1. Beautiful.. sprinkling kindness around definitely makes this world a better place and this reflects in your writing so much Rishika!!
      I have a picture of you on my mind sprinkling kindness around and it’s so pleasing 😇❤️

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