Evening breeze play gently with my hair
I don’t trust him yet, in this love affair
Feel he is faking it for my money and power
Fear that he’ll push me down from this tower
Even as these thoughts get my mind clouded
Let’s go down and enjoy the evening he said

The streets glitter in gold and silver
On a dinner date cruising the Seine river
What’s happening suddenly I don’t feel right
Everything seems topsy turvy this night
Reason it out to the wine? Or am I drugged?

Image credit; Lance Anderson @ Unsplash

I haven’t missed Sadje’s What do you see prompt since I started blogging and last week was my first! So I tried to combine last two prompts here. Thanks for hosting WDYS Sadje.

🧑Thanks for dropping by and reading 🧑

🧑I love feedback 🧑

25 thoughts on “πŸ–€ Dinner Date πŸ–€

    1. Oh I don’t know why it’s taking time to load. It’s a pic of Eiffel Tower …
      thank you so much dear Subbashini .. just when I question myself if I’m even β€œOK” with poetry, such feedback lifts my spirits ❀️😊


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