Terrace scenes, every full moon,

Food served on tiny hands

We ate it very soon

With love, the taste enhanced

In response to Akanksha’s TWT prompt- Memories

Summer vacations was spent at my grand mom’s house. All grand kids would spend few weeks together there. On full moon day, our terrace was quite lit up by the moon light. The dinner on that day would be very simple. Rasam/ Sambar/ curd rice would be prepared. We all kids would sit in a semi circle around my grand mother and hold out our cupped hands in front of her one after the other. She would serve food with her hands onto ours. It’s called “ kayyi tuttu” here.

Here too… the one who gets the last morsel was considered “lucky”. Oh my, we used to look forward in anticipation as to “who’s the lucky one this night!!! “😅😅😅 We would estimate the amount left over in the serving bowl and switch places to get the last bit of food . If any kannadiga reading this the phrase was “BaLabachchi Bhagyavanta”!!

And all kids would eat more than the usual quantity that day. Almost double! Was it the joy of eating together? Or a silent competition among kids? Or the love in grandma’s hands??

❤️ For now … memories remain .. ❤️

35 thoughts on “Memories …

  1. WOW!! This was super cute & extremely lovely, HS! Although, I am not from Karnataka and haven’t heard of such a tradition but still I can somehow totally relate to your experiences. It is really a special memory, thank you for sharing this with us!

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      1. Aww! That’s nice to know, good memories are precious that way. And Of course, I appreciate you take time to participate; it wouldn’t be anything without support from participants like you!
        Have a great mOnday! 🙏💕🤗

        Liked by 1 person

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