In response to Sue Vincent’s writephoto prompt. Thanks for hosting it Sue. I couldn’t use the prompt word “appointed”, yet I proceeded with the first thought on my mind ..

PC : Sue Vincent
Rhyme on black crow

“One for sorrow, two for joy

Three for a letter, four for a toy ….”

If I saw one, I used to keep my fingers crossed

Searching for another black crow, long way I had walked

How silly was I, when I would play this game,

For a small sad event, seeing a crow took the blame

To know the secret, I need not look for the seventh crow

The power of my thoughts and my imagination I did not know

Positive or negative, whatever it is , that my mind imagined

The whole universe worked its way, to make sure, IT happened!

A/N: You guys remember this rhyme we knew as kids? One for sorrow, two for joy..? Sue’s prompt took me back to childhood here. I used to keep my fingers crossed on seeing a single black crow, so that nothing bad would happen!!! And somehow, something unpleasant would invariably happen!!

Our mind starts looking for “sorrow”things at the background on seeing one black crow I guess.., and on seeing two, it starts looking for instances of joy. It’s just a game of mind, a game of our thoughts

The concluding lines is slightly based on “the secret” book I read a long time ago. It talks about the power of imagination and how our thoughts become our reality.

Thanks for reading… would love to know if you had come across this rhyme in childhood 😊

31 thoughts on “Black crows

  1. Oh yes! I remember this one. Here in Sweden, this one’s about magpies. Magpies are similar to crows, the same group of birds. But I heard the same about sparrows when I was a kid. One sparrow is sadness and two is happiness. Well, I guess it works for the birds. The more the better 😀 Could possibly be a party song for them; although it has nothing to do with us. Like you said, the universe works in its own way 🙂 Nice take, HS. Hope you are fine. All set at the new place?

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    1. Ha ha .. party song eh!? 😅
      I was a lil unwell last week .. now I feel I’m much better 😊my mom visited me yesterday and I feel all the more better ..

      Yes.. sort of settled in the new place but still I feel I’m in a home stay here 🤣

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      1. Good to know that you feel better, HS. Oh, your mom visited, nice! How’s she?

        😀 Somehow I like the idea of homestays 😀 It’s sort of like how we play house during childhood days. And, it’s better to not get too attached either. You will be moving again by next year right.

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  2. 😂 I wish the 7th crow came your way presenting itself to you.

    I’ve never heard of this rhyme. Your take on the prompt is so endearing, Happy Soul! Also, I love black crows. I used to wait for the arrival of a black crow every morning on my terrace after placing the birds’ share of food cooked. I’d be cloud nine if one arrives when I’m present. 😄

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    1. 😂😂the secret unfolds!!!

      Thank you so much dear Anisha … it’s so nice to read “I love black crows” ..they are usually the ones least loved.
      I can feel you, I used to do that too … I would be so happy to see one close by gorging on food I kept..


    1. Thank you Cindy.. you are my 350th 🙌.. not that I count, it’s just a number .. but WP’s notification made me aware of that 😃thanks so much
      I’m yet to read your blog, I read one post and now I look forward to fri-yay 👍😊see you around and I’m glad we met here 😊


  3. Wow, this is a brilliant take HS. This definitely is 90’s kids thing…. 😃😃 How we foolishly believed in crows and blamed on them for every bad thing that happened to us. Now as I look back…. It brings a good laugh to me like your poem did. 😍😍 Very well written HS

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