Though I took time, finally realised, you were treating me, like a piece of shit. I just dint deserve you. 
This void created within, made me feel, I was falling into a deep well. I’m glad I knew to swim! 

This is history!! Almost 18 years ago!! But with the prompt word : piece, all I could think of was “piece of shit” and with “piece of shit” all I could think of was this person. Back then, I felt he was treating me like a piece of shit, but actually … he was one 😅!!

But was I broken! Literally broken to pieces! Was very low on self esteem. I couldn’t believe myself that I fell for such a person, who had absolutely no commitment!! I was angry on myself, for being so wrong in reading his mind, for assuming things, for just falling for him blindly, for being walked over, for believing in fake promises.

I was 21 years I guess.. My mom too had hints that I liked this guy. When we broke up, she noticed me sitting in a corner and crying. She gave me hug and asked me to tell out what happened. I poured out everything to her and I can never forget the way she taught me to learn my lesson and move on and not blame myself for what happened. I heard from her, just the words I needed to hear!! No scoldings like “how could you create such a folly, what were you thinking, you are so young to take such decisions etc” .. she knew my mind was filled with only such questions! Instead she encouraged me to move on and that God definitely has a better plan for me! She was so right! ❤️

In response to last week’s TWT prompt “piece” and this weeks prompt “fall” for Akanksha’s TWT. Thanks for hosting it dear Akanksha.

Thanks for dropping by and reading. 😊

31 thoughts on “To my ex

    1. I agree Yeshu, she knew how to deal with me I guess … not too strict types.. was kinda open but made me stay in my limits 😬
      And I so agree with that … I saw so much bad that I’m able to appreciate the good all the more 😊

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