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For WDYS. Thank you very much for hosting it dear Sadje. I’m late in my response this week.

“Could I remove these freckles and pimple marks on the face?” Asked the photographer to a 24 year old while selecting her pics after a photo shoot.

“This is for someone who could be my life partner, don’t you think I should look real?” The girl questioned … (In india arranged marriages are common. The photographs of the prospective bride/groom to-be is shared and exchanged matrimony beareaus and a match-making happens. Later the couple meet to see if they can lead a life together )

I’m in love with my imperfections

I’m in love with what is natural

I’m in love with my colour

I’m in love with the blemishes

I’m in love with my raw self!

I’m very much the old school types..

I’m in love with the way my creator made me!

For this is what I am! It is what it is!

For I believe, I’m beautiful, the way I am!

A/N : I respect and I’m in awe with photoshop. It’s a tool which can be used in a lot of ways to improve the quality of a photograph

Once, I was going through a friend’s wedding album and I see the bride’s skin as smooth as butter. In reality she has a lot of pimple marks. I initially thought it was the effect of the makeup. But then I realised a big mole in the top of her lip is not there in the pics!! I asked her and she said it’s photoshop skills. She asked the photographer to make her skin n colour look “good”. While her wish of seeing herself with a clear skin got fulfilled, it left me with a question… isn’t it nice to love yourself the way you are?

There’s one telugu actress by the name Sai Pallavi. I don’t follow other language movies very much, but my kids loved this song called “Rowdy baby”. I was watching her on screen and I liked something about her. I then realised it’s her rawness. It seems she doesn’t allow too much make overs for her hair or skin. So I loved her “girl next door look”. I liked the fact that “it is what it is”, and that a movie actress from the glam world chose to look her natural self 😊

Thanks for reading. I love feedback 😊

41 thoughts on “It is what it is!

    1. I agree … 😂 it sucks!!!! you know that step of “Jhansi ranikrishna veni “ line .. where he turns her around horizontally … my kids watch it in repeat mode 😂
      My lil one asked .. how is “you plus me is three” and I felt like blocking the song 😂what silly lyrics and I wonder why it became so famous !!

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  1. I so liked your story, and so did I like your take on it. The poem truly justifies the prompt.
    We all should love ourselves with all our imperfections rather than falling in the trap of watching people who photoshop their pictures in order to avoid flaws.
    Just so beautiful 😍

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  2. Loving oneself for what one is, all imperfections included is perhaps true love. But alas very few show this appreciation for it. Thanks a lot for joining in. Beautifully written.

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    1. Hey SS … I am a lil on and off on WP this week. Was shifting home, so my hands are full!!!
      Me too haven’t visited blogs recently .., posted 200 days in a row and now I post when I can
      So all exams done? 😊

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    1. Ramya, thank you so much, this means a lot to me!!! I love your posts and your writing style and such compliments from you is most cherished … and yes it’s amazing! I feel the same. I get similar vibes ❤️


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