I’m on my way, travelling inwards!

This path of self discovery, to find happiness within, to live the moment, to be content, to stop my compulsive behaviour and be conscious… is the best journey I’ve begun.

Destination is no where near, but I’m glad I started off!

#6WSP: Journey. Thanks to Shweta for hosting 6WSP. Thanks for reading 😊

15 thoughts on “A Journey

  1. How I so loved this piece, you know Smiley, I am an introvert and now since I am not in job or anything, I hardly step outside my house, I hardly interact and thus I just spend time with me, try to know myself better, I’ve tried to understand myself better, it’s so good to read you too started doing it. I got a company virtually.
    I can feel every thing written here. It’s a beautiful journey that you began, and remember it’s always the journey that’s beautiful more than the destination..
    Keep enjoying this phase and try to stay here for life.
    Rest assured!
    I loved your work here✨✨🤗

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    1. Awww …. your words are so comforting… I’m glad you spent time on understanding yourself. It’s worth every minute
      Yes Rashmi … it’s a beautiful journey already … I’m glad to have your company virtually… thank you so much .. ❤️😊

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