SoCS by Linda: Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “first thing.” Start your post with the words, “first thing” and go from there. Bonus points if you end your post with the last thing. Have fun!

The first thing I do in the morning is “make my bed”. I grew up in a small house and me and my brother slept in the hall (or the living room). So to walk on the floor the next day, we had to roll the bed, arrange bed spreads on them neatly and cover it up with a bed sheet. That would become a three seater to sit on for the rest of the day.

This act of waking up at a particular time, making the bed as soon as we got up; set a rhythm for other tasks of the day. The day went smooth. We all knew the time we would take to get ready, we never shifted our times as there was a single bathroom and by 9a.m. all of us must be ready to step out! It set an order for the day.

Now, first of all, my husband doesn’t have the habit of folding the bedspreads!!! I get up and fold it and in about an hour he would have unfolded it and comfortably snuggled himself again! I keep telling my kids to make it a habit of folding the bed sheets after they get up! They do listen most of the times… but when they forget… the first thing they do is point fingers at their dad!! 😅😅😅

I’m yet to set that discipline in them of making their bed and not going back to get snuggled up in the rug often. Or, fold the bed sheets again when done! Sometimes I feel I’m being too pushy on them. My husband is very disciplined otherwise. He is very prompt with all his tasks. I’ve grown up with my parents and grandparents teaching me that it’s an important practise to make the bed in the morning and my husband feels it’s not so! I wonder now, is it really needed!!??? Is it my OCD again? 😅

24 thoughts on “First things first

      1. But you should think from our point of view too….according to guidelines a particular thing should be kept on the table….so if we keep it in front side of the table that becomes a problem. Why? Becoz she decided it to be at back and not front and then say we displace thing🥺🥺

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      2. 😂😂😂😂I can almost hear my daughter through you …
        exactly my thoughts nowadays … my way need not be the right way 😅…and I shouldn’t impose my “right way” in her… ohhh it’s a constant struggle Ziiii

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  1. You remind me of Monica Gellar, everytime you talk about OCD, you are such a perfectionist yourself, that you cannot bear with people who don’t do things as per you.

    Everyone does things their own way but people with OCD want them to be done in a particular way, haha, I’ve been there. I never let anyone make any room in the house, after I wake up, I arrange beds, fold sheets and blankets, I don’t like anyone’s else’s golden sheets, which aren’t in order as per me 😂😂

    I feel you😀🤭


      1. I understood 😄😄🙌🙌 I re read the message again just in case, and understood it’s a typo 😬😬

        Now with two kids I can feel OCD can be irritating.. my elder one is like hubby .. younger is a lot like me .. she instantly connects .. 😅I pity the elder one sometimes and try my best to tune myself


  2. Making my bed is the first thing I do too. But according to a trivia that I read sometime back, messy beds don’t attract bugs as opposed to our usual thinking. But trivia or not, I like to keep my bed neat. Well written, HS. 🙂

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