Right now, there’s printer paper shortage at home. We have ordered a new pack and now we are trying to manage with the few we have.

Today morning my daughter came and handed me these (in the pic above) and said “I love you sooooo much mamma”!!

You can guess, I had mixed feelings. Those are the last few printer papers I had!!! I had a straight smile and thanked her for all the love!!

“Diya, you usually make a card out of a single paper. How come you used so many this time”

“Because I want to tell you again and again how much I love you!! This is my heart which has so much love for you always! How many ever papers are not enough to tell you that!!!” 🥺🥺🥺

I just wish the new set comes home soon…. !! 😅I should remember to keep a very few aside for her cards and keep the others away from her reach 🤩

39 thoughts on “Kiddo-love!

  1. Diya not only surprises you, she surprises us as well.
    I love how she loves you so much and how well she knows to express it, even if all she has written on papers is “Diya” but still, the feelings reached you.
    She is a sweetheart, you must be overwhelmed nah, when she said- “because she wants to tell you again and Again how much she loves you”, no doubt why you say girl child is best.
    Diya is a proof to what you say.
    Also remember Smiley, she is a reflection of you, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, when mother herself is so loving, the child will be same🤗🤗

    Sending love your and your daughters way💛💛❣️

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    1. ❤️❤️❤️yes Rashmi … it did reach me ,. The heart belongs to her was what she meant and when she gave the papers she meant to give me the love in her heart 😇

      I was!!!! I couldn’t gulp it all in at once… such pure, simple, unadulterated love!!! ❤️❤️
      😍so sweet of you to say that…. you know what, I was like that too .. used to give handwritten notes etc …but as I grew up, I changed 🙃..
      I hope this innocent love remains so for me to cherish it longer 😍😍
      Thank you so much dear one ❤️I should show her these posts and comments when she can read them well 😊


      1. No doubt you must have been like her.
        I still write hand written notes for people whom I can give them, and for the rest mail works best.

        Show her, and tell her, she’ll be happy. She cannot well read but she can understand all you say.
        She’s loving really 😍

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