In response to What do you see prompt. Thank you for hosting it dear Sadje.

Today, Now, this moment,

With myself I’ve come to an agreement

I close the doors of my past

It was shaping me like a metal being cast.

Opening the gates to my future

My dreams and goals I want to nurture

The true beauty lies ahead

Got things to do, before I am dead.

It may take weeks or just a day

My dreams are mine, I’ll find the way!

23 thoughts on “Gates to the future

  1. I’ll join you when you open gates to your future today, along with you, I’ll shut the doors to the past too!

    What a beautiful beautiful post to remind one of what lies ahead is more important than what you’ve left behind.
    I’ll share a quote I read,

    There’s a reason why windshields are broader and big than rear view mirrors, because where we are heading is important than what we’ve left behind.

    Beautiful post Smiley, very creative and eye opening as well!✨✨
    More power to you🤗❣️

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    1. Woowww …. I love to have your company ❤️..
      It’s about time to shut the doors of past. I cried a lot when I did. The turning on of the switch gave me a sense of freedom I can’t explain …
      I loved the quote a lot! So profound !! Saving it to look at it again … 👍

      Thank you so much dear Rashmi .. I’m so happy to read this comment .. and do happy to have you back here ❤️❤️❤️

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