Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sky’s the limit.” Write about something that has or seems to have no end. Enjoy!

Linda’s SoCS prompt

This is an easy prompt for me today, because our architect told it just today morning

In my mother tongue there’s a saying “maduve maadi noDu, mane katti nodu” meaning “Perform a wedding or build a house …. and see..” referring to how the money just flows out of the pocket in these two events. They are the most challenging to plan with respect to finances. I’m talking about an average middle class Indian family. The total expenses exceed budget in a drastic way if we neglect a little.

We were discussing budgeting of the house we are going to build. Our architect showed us a project he had worked on recently. It was beautiful and elegant. We loved it. Every inch was neatly done. He said the cost of interiors there is equal to the initial estimate of construction of our house!!

He gave us many examples and ended the conversation saying .. “if you have money to spend on building a house, sky is the limit”.

Neither do we have that kinda money nor we fancy that very posh look, so we settled for something midway . If sky is the limit, we settled for the first layer of atmosphere, for that’s our reality😊

19 thoughts on “Money matters

    1. I’m glad you agree Sadje😊I was telling him, if I want to experience some luxury… I will stay in a high end resort and come back …
      if the home is simple and easy to maintain, that’s enough 🙃😬

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  1. I too agree…making something simple and classy without much extravaganza is best! I tell mom if I built my house…ill keep minimum furniture. Cleaning house is biggggggggg trouble😅😅

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  2. Moving from one house to another every once in a while, I have learned that most of the things we do in the name of a greater comfort is a waste of money. Whatever the budget is, you know your adorable family is going to make it worth the money and time spend there. Right, HS? That’s all that matters.

    Also, Stratosphere is a great place to be! You get a good view of the sky and the earth equally well. The perks of being middle class is we get to experience a part of both 😀

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    1. My sister in law, told the exact same thing yesterday. Anything we buy or do for more comfort will go waste! I so agree!

      Correct, after the budget discussion he showed different houses, how beautifully they have done interiors with less money you know!!! The advances in that area are awesome!!

      I wanted to use the word “stratosphere” but changed 🙌🙌🙌 and you have told it so beautifully!!! Totally agree with you Aswathy

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