Chocolate, cookie and cake

Eating them is a mistake!

Don’t offer them, don’t tempt me

Sugar is poison to me!

In response to Akanksha’s Twenty word Tuesday prompt

Pre diabetic me, is trying to push the start of taking medicines for diabetes. Eating healthy, losing weight, exercise is prescribed. I hope by doing all this, I can push it by a decade atleast 😃. But I do indulge in sinning, in minute quantities now and then 🙃

30 thoughts on “My poison

  1. Chocolates are love.❤ I eat them now everyday almost🥺🥺

    Ru you should take care. It’s really good you are trying to cut down sugar intake. Lifestyle improvements can prolong the occurrence of full fledged disease and also complications!

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    1. Thanks Ziii… yesss… I’m on 115 fasting! So need to check what I eat and go for portion control too. Learnt about glycemic load and glycemic index 🙃

      Jussssst that this box of Lindor has to get over!! That’s the only thing that tempts me 🥺

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      1. It really good to see you are trying to learn about it yourself. Control in diet can do wonders.

        Haha! Chocolates are always tempting. Once in a while you can eat!😃

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