In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Thanks for hosting it Sadje

The beginning

Of a new journey awaits;

To travel alone in the train of thought

To a better station in life

Probably the next stop?

Too long a journey or May be short?

My baggage too has tagged along

Quite heavy I must say

To let this mind become distraught

If this train derails

It can not be brought back to track

My end it is, I fear a lot!

Now, wish me a happy and safe journey please 😊

30 thoughts on “Train of thought

    1. 😬😬😬thank you Ziiiiiiii ❤️I’m lagging behind a lot with responses and reading posts … hopefully can catch up soon ..

      This app shows unread comment only upto two days is it? Any idea ?

      Liked by 1 person

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