Saved for years, for daughter’s wedding!

Title and the line above, are in response to Shweta’s Six word story prompt: Wedding

My mom had an FD account, lump sum, all to be blown up for my wedding!

I can never forget the argument I had with my mom that day, on why should she blow up the savings for one day!! She argued that it’s how things work. Me and hubby, sort of dint want it that way. We tried to make her understand, to keep the guests minimal and wedding simple. Indian weddings are never settled at “simple”. When she just dint budge, We concluded on our arguments and split the expenses. Me and my husband took up a big chunk of the expenses. We blew up all our savings. But we were young, we could afford to spend, it was our marriage, getting married to each other was our decision, how the marriage should take place was partly our parents’ desires and dreams too… we just couldn’t let our parents’ take up all expenses! We had to conclude on something that fits all!! 😄

I feel less guilty and some more pride within, thinking of the fact that we two, took care that of our wedding expenses!

Thanks for reading my story 😊

33 thoughts on “Lakhs spent on a single day!

    1. Actually right Zi…. a do feel the pride .. a bit….. A feeling of being content!!!
      Otherwise whenever mom had money issues later, I would have felt guilty I guess .. now I am more practical in such situations… thought process changes
      Thank you so much dear Zish 😊❤️

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      1. You both …. 😍😍😍I’m not worthy of all this compliments girls … 😬😬😬😬
        But I have to accept I felt sooo good reading it
        Thank you thank you thank you

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  1. In our caste, when people decide to get married, the first question they ask is
    “How much you’ll give to your daughter?”
    which definitely includes her jewellery, clothes, expenses of marriage and lot of other stuff. My mom says all her savings will be spent in my marriage and I am always against it. I always say everything has to be very simple and people shouldn’t demand anything. Parents always give whatever they have to their daughter, nobody should question how much?
    Your post shows me how I too might end up arguing with her if she willingly breaks her FD for my marriage.
    Alike you, I too wanna make my own money to be spent in marriage. This post of yours just opened my eyes and thus there’s a voice from within, “Rashmi please do something”.

    I liked your story as always, this is again one inspiring one. And I am really happy to know how compatible you both are, how you support each other in all your decisions. It’s always nice to know about you guys.
    Touchwood and God bless you too always together💛✨✨❣️

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    1. It’s there in many castes across india. The talks before marriage, revolves around “give and take” which actually makes a girl feel like a commodity!!! I totally dislike that!!!

      Moms always plan that way I guess… “simple marriage” is a very high expectation from them. They will not agree only!!!
      Exactly Rashmi.. “nobody should question how much!!! “ I guess it will take a long time for people to understand this.

      If this post has opened up a voice… I totally echo it Rashmiii … it’s all worth it to go for it!! I’m an example of 15 years fast forward.
      We need not put all the money, but parents need not put all the money too. There will be many instances in future when she can use for savings and fulfilling her own dreams once her kids are settled

      I’m blessed and lucky to get this man in my life! Totally ❤️😬

      Your comment stirred some emotions within Rashmi… it gave a very nice feeling. Had a long day with guests and my mils birthday. Going to bed now in a light mood … thanks a lot for this timing of the comment ❤️


  2. It’s wonderful that both of you took care of your wedding expenses, HS. Seriously even I don’t understand why it should be such a grand affair in the first place and also why only the girls parents should bear all the expenses? It’s time we changed this age old system.

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    1. Exactly R!!! I really hope to see some change in the next decade… if the family is rich, it’s their wish in spending lavishly. But my heart goes out to those parents who put in alll their savings into that one day, just to satisfy the guy’s parent’s expectations and hoping they keep their girl happy!


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