Take 1:

Millets, rice and ragi

These foods are never tasty

All the kids love to eat

Is pizza pasta and Sphagetti

My kids are slowly getting over this. But junk is still an absolute treat for their taste buds

Take 2:

Friends teased me, for my thick long curls;

Morning when you combed your hair, you found a bird stuck there?

I was called “Top Ramen” (the instant noodle brand) by my school friends, because of my curly hair. It was thick and my friends used to call it a “sparrow’s nest”. A sparrow flying by could get stuck in there, according to them. The prompt word: Spaghetti reminded me of those days 😊

In response to Twenty word Tuesday prompt: Sphagetti by Akanksha @Bulbul’s Bubble

52 thoughts on “Here’s Twenty on Spaghetti

    1. You too Zi!!!! I will tell you the same thing I tell my kids “junk food not good for health”
      By the way, my dinner today was Maggi 🤐😉

      The problem now is, after wedding, I can no longer fight saying “the hair strand you found in the food is not mine” 🙆‍♀️everyone here has straight hair. So a curly strand .. by default .. is mine 🙃

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      1. Junk food is tasty but and holy grail away from home🥺🥺 I was thinking of maggie as dinner but fought against the urge.

        Haha! I have straight hair and long. Same happens with me any long hair by default is mine!😉

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      2. During my first year in hostel, i survived on maggie as that’s the only thing I could cook but now thankfully I can make something eatable and better than mess food😅😅

        We share the same pain😂😂

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  1. I can sooo relate to the second take. Infact we share the same kind of experience. My sisters have a clever trick. Everytime they want to have Maggi they will put the blame on my hair. They would simply say we know its junk but your hair reminds us of Maggi what can we do 😂😂

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  2. I relate to the second take. My friends called me maggi or noodles and would ask me to check if there’s a fly or mosquito stuck in my hair. And also the bird’s nest thing 😂😂😂

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  3. First one is so true… Those words seem like my mom’s rants😂
    I love curly hair. I wish I had hair like Taapsee Pannu, unfortunately mine is straight, pukka straight…
    ‘Kuruvi koodu’ we call sparrow’s nest as😂
    Also, people with curly hair are lucky it seems!

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    1. This is a mommy’s rant dear Hema 😂I can relate to your mom 😊
      As Aswathy said, grass is greener on other side I guess .. 😊I love straight hair.. I tried straightening too.. but dint stick to it for long.
      “Gubbachchi goodu” in Kannada .. “GG” was my initials 😜

      Well actually I consider myself lucky … very lucky 😀thanks so much for sharing this. I loved reading it ❣️

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    1. Yes junk is preferred anyday by them. They jump with joy.
      That’s the biggest blessing. I lost half of my hair volume with hyperthyroidism.. yet I don’t look very bald 🤞🤞🤞😀


      1. I regularly used to use castor oil in childhood. After marriage I stopped. No one here uses and they all hate the smell ☹️. Good you reminded me, I can work out something and get back to using it .. thank you Subbashini ❣️😊


  4. As a kid and adult, I’ve fortunately preferred the first kind of meals. My mom prepares healthy food in different forms.

    I can so relate with your hair. It’s kind of wavy now after the curly phase. But, the untangling problem remains with either texture. 😅

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    1. Very nice!!! I love such kids .. ❤️😊

      saaaame here. Now it’s wavy. Untangling is a process! My second daughter is following me in this .. 😅 a head bath and that’s it. Hair combing ends with tears in her eyes!


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