Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “opt.” Use it as a word or find a word with “opt” in it and base your post on that. Have fun!

Well what I have in mind right now is not ‘fun’ though, as Linda’s prompt says. It’s the first thought on my mind for opt- Optional.

A few years ago, my cousin sitting on his two wheeler offered to drop me off to my music class as it was on the way for him. I readily agreed. Then I realised I do not have my helmet with me. He immediately said “Don’t worry it’s optional. Just hop in and I will drop you there in five minutes”

It got me thinking! Why are traffic rules made? Do you wear the helmet to avoid paying a fine of 500Rs to the traffic police or for your own safety? You may think you are the best driver, and that you will not be the cause of accidents. But what can we do about other riders not being careful. “If I die, Its my destiny” I hear people say. Well this is almost suicidal isn’t it?

The same thoughts on wearing seatbelt too. Inside a car, a person feels he is safe from accidents I guess. How many times we ask the ones at the navigator seat to wear seat belt mandatorily on long road trips! The immediate reaction is “I will take you through the roads where there will be no cops” or “I will wear it immediately when I spot a policeman. I feel trapped wearing seatbelt”!!I feel like explaining the basics again on why one should wear a seatbelt, but these people are the ones that conclude that we are arrogant or rude on them.

I’m glad that the helmet and seatbelt are made mandatory now here in Bangalore. It’s no longer just Optional. Though driving at high speed is not possible due to traffic here, I still feel seat belt is a must. Road safety starts with us

Thanks for reading 😊

18 thoughts on “It’s not Optional

  1. Wearing helmet can prevent a major head injury, if God forbid there is an accident. Similarly, for seat belt severe thoracoabdominal injuries are prevented. But, saving 2000rs is more important, for some people or majority, isn’t it?

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  2. I drive and i wholeheartedly follow preventive measures basic rules such as wearing the seatbealt…i am not a fan of motorcycle rides though as it scares me but wearing a helmet should and really be mandatory..

    Nice sharing..i enjoyed it.

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  3. Seatbelts are the law here in the US but I know plenty of people who still don’t wear one. My daughter only does when she is in my car because I require it. Helmets are optional for bike riders. But that is a whole nother story…..

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    1. They made it mandatory here a few years ago Christine. And people pay a heavy fine if they don’t. Personally, It gets very uncomfortable to drive with the one in the passenger seat not wearing a seatbelt. In India there are so many stories around seat belts n helmets. People do forget that it’s for their own good and not for the sake of cops .., 🙆‍♀️

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