Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last thing you put in your fridge.” Start your post with the last thing you put in your fridge. Let your mind wander from there. Enjoy!

Well, somehow, my take on Linda’s SoCS prompts, revolves around my kids. I think it’s synonymous to its title … that’s where my Stream of consciousness leads me to 😄

Every night after dinner. my second daughter drinks a glass of warm milk before she goes to bed. It’s a habit started by her grandparents and it’s going on the past four years. So around 9pm, I heat some milk and keep it ready for her to drink at 9. 45 or so. The temperature will be perfect for her to drink and she doesn’t fuss.

This is when things are just perfect. It’s never that way …. ever! What usually happens is, I forget to heat the milk and at 9.45 I remember to heat it and then I need to cool it. By the time I get it to my daughter, she is fast asleep. And so that milk with one tea spoon added sugar goes in the fridge!

I dislike to re use the boiled and cooled pasteurised milk, kept in the fridge. My morning filter coffee has to be with fresh decoction and fresh milk. Otherwise somehow, the coffee is never refreshing because my mind knows it’s yesterday’s milk. No one else in family takes coffee with sugar and I do not like to reheat that milk and give it to my daughter again. When I myself don’t want to drink re heated milk, I do not feel like giving to my daughter.

So to avoid this mess up, some days I keep a reminder to heat milk at 9 pm. And everything goes perfect. Happy to have done it to perfection, with that self content feeling I give the glass to my daughter ….. (and you know how kids are)….. she says “I am full I don’t want milk today 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️” I feel like just putting it into her throat somehow and emptying that glass into her tummy 😄. Somehow I don’t feel like wasting it at all. Not for this reason. So, the glass of milk again goes into the fridge. Not again!!!

The last thing I want, is the last glass of milk going to the fridge and becoming the first thing I take next morning. Nooooooo!

35 thoughts on “Last-in-first-out

    1. You mean “you and your little kids”- right 😬😁
      You know more irritating thing is, when we go to rekayive’s house for lunch invites. First they give the kids na. I keep telling them not to serve too much .. they will put everything on the menu. The sweets and bits of everything. When I tell them not to, With a smile they ask my daughter “you will eat right?”. With all that attention she will say a big yes. Not one but will go in to her tummy.
      Then the host will say “will you continue your lunch in same plate?”” 😖Oh my God! That’s more irritating than this glass of milk! 😂

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      1. Yeah ..I need my own too 😬
        When you have kids .. you’ll know .. take your kid to a relative’s house. 😅but then too I think your wife will have to pitch in here. 😉😉 the dad’s will have eaten in their own pace and the mom will be helping the kid eat.

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  1. I totally enjoyed this one Happy Soul..
    Here the milk is for the morning… because the boy decides if to drink or not, I will plan if I have to drink coffee or not 😦 Sometimes I will not crave for coffee, but cos I don’t like to waste it, I gulp my coffee with his milk !! Same problem, but different time 😛 😛

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  2. Hahaha. Nice one, HS.
    My mum and I have milk before sleep. Everytime, she asks me to add a tablespoon of sugar saying “plain milk must have extra sugar”.
    Neither she makes her own cup nor stops complaining about what I make.😫
    (She would throw me out if she see this comment 😂)
    See, not just you, I face this milk issues too…🙄

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