Making cute little pretty things

Boxes, dolls and pretty flowers

Crafting does fill my soul

And all my empty drawers!

In response to Akanksha’s Twenty Word Story Prompt. Thanks for hosting Akanksha. I’m not missing this chance to rant about my crafts 😬🙌

Crafting is my hobby, a channel to express my creativity. I haven’t been able to do much last three months. And I lost data on my laptop and many photos along with it. So you guys are spared from those pics 😄

I have shared these below pics in my old posts too. Felt like sharing them again with a description of each. Sorry for the long post 😬

Annnd, The main problem for me and my kids, right now is we do not have space to preserve our work!

Did this long ago with limited resources for a cousin’s wedding. The frock of the girl is a sweet (7 cup sweet). The bride’s side make similar items to give to the groom in weddings here.
Boxes for return gifts . I was making similar boxes when I read Akanksha’s post to suggest a word for this week prompt. That’s where “craft” prompt word suggestion came from
Tiny bouquet.
Again done for a wedding where the groom is a badminton player. The sweets were arranged to look like seats around the court
Dressed up these dolls
For Gowri pooja for my cousin’s wedding
It’s a custom to give such “Bagina”s in Gowri pooja. it’s filled with groceries n gifts and given to ladies. Decked it up for a wedding
A dry fruit tree. We give dry fruits to the groom in weddings. Gave it in style, at my cousins wedding 😃
A chocolate cart for a wedding. Again to give to the groom
A flower bouquet
Fancy dress. This ‘Mangalyaan’ gathered a lot of attention at school and the first prize for my little one. She narrated her lines very well too 😇 I don’t have a pic with the lights on. Those 4 orange things are glowing lights ☺️☺️

40 thoughts on “Space – craft

  1. A very beautiful take on the prompt, HS, truly amazing! And thank you so much for sharing your brilliant & talented craft pieces, it was a delight to see them, you are definitely very talented!

    Liked by 1 person

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