Reena’s Exploration challenge, this week is a situation:

You go down in a lift that doesn’t stop for hours. When it finally opens, what do you see?

This is my ideal go-to place when I need a break. The room is quiet and spacious with fresh air circulating and is naturally lit. The wide Picture windows shows the beauty of my lush green backyard! There’s a well cushioned cot by the side, cozy enough for a comfortable nap.

Elegant n high oak bookshelves add to the aesthetics of my room and the shelves have all my TBR books neatly arranged. Some splash of green here and there too. A few antheriums, palm plants and not to miss a succulent on my desk. My journal and laptop is neatly placed on this desk. My pen (it’s a vintage) is tucked on the cover of my journal. I can hear songs playing in loop from my favorite playlist.

A round glass tea desk at the center, with some hot South Indian filter coffee ready to be sipped. A plate of hot pakoras and other snacks are served perfectly with spicy tangy green chutney.

How perfect can it get!!!

I so badly want a break and this is what my mind could see when the lift door opened.

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