My mind came up with many ideas and I could not pick one topic. I asked my better half, “what do you think I should write on ‘everlasting’……The universe? The sun? The stars? Higher power? Hope?

He said “My love towards you”❤️

Now that I decided to post it as a response to Eugi’s prompt, you can guess how happy I am hearing those words😊.

Our love stood the test of time and distance

Made us realise our inner strength and patience

Though many differences, pulled us apart

Every time we found our way back to the heart

Amidst all the chaos you are my tranquility

Bound in love, I found peace and serenity

It’s not the sun or stars or sky so blue

Everlasting” for me, is my love for you

In response to Eugi’s Weekly prompt – Everlasting. Thanks for hosting, Eugi.

I tried to put his words into a poetic form here. Thanks for reading and feedback most welcome 😊

© ruhappysoul

67 thoughts on “It’s love!

      1. Wowwwww 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼awesome!! Which flavour? Me too planning to bake on 19th. God save the bday boy here😊
        About corona, yes here too people bother less nowadays. The numbers are coming down too ..
        enjoy your day, sorry his day 🤣

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    1. Thank you so much Preeths .. sometimes I fear the future, the changes we experience, midlife crisis and I start doubting.. can we continue to love and respect even at old age?
      I pull myself back…. to relish this moment while it lasts… with a hope; maybe it’s forever 😅😊

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  1. You know usually I read your posts at night when you post them, then I read them again in the morning, but commenting takes a lot of time. I read and re read and then comment, I donno why, but this one is so so beautiful that I couldn’t resist commenting.

    I so love how you first write what’s in your mind, or how you came up with this idea, and then how you rhyme. I seriously did that a lot in my previous post, I too used to give backend thought or story behind post.

    Smiley this one is so so good, I fall short of words to describe this. How beautiful you embedded the word “everlasting” and weaved a poem in it. It’s commendable really!

    I love your love poems, write more and more of them!

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    1. Awwww my dear Rashmi, your words fill my heart with happiness 🥰actually I took some time to reply here. I still donno how to express

      I feel, by typing in the experience as it happens, it gives a personal touch. I love your blog so much because of the same reason. It has a personal touch.
      I’m very keen to go back to reading those old posts of yours. Hopefully I get some time this weekend after my daughter’s exams.

      And I fall short of words to thank you enough for your encouraging words. It means a lot to me. It’s very uplifting. I did actually “embed” that word Rashmi, I’m glad you read it just the way I wrote it

      You know what I feel. “I will write more, for I know i can count on a handful of you to read them” 🥰thanks a lot dearie ❣️😊


      1. Ah, you have a whole bunch of people standing by your side to read your posts.
        I look at the threads and I know you have a lot of fans already.
        I absolutely, I mean we all collectively adore your work and also the reason we visit your blog is that you’re very much welcoming. I mean you always make one feel special.

        Your vibes are so comforting, trust me. I really really admire you here. 🤗🤗

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