Dinner before 8, you’ll lose weight.

I do not believe in weight loss regimes or diets. If one is comfortable in their skin and healthy, that’s all matters. Sometimes, like in my case, being overweight leads to a lot of health issues like harmonal imbalances, back pain, lethargy etc. Then, maintaining weight becomes important.

This one change of a light early dinner (atleast 2 to 3 hours before you wind up for the day) worked really well in controlling weight. So I came up with this line for Shweta’s Six Word Story prompt: Dinner . Thanks for reading. I love feedback 😊

61 thoughts on “Weight loss story

  1. Early dinner and weight loss!! Interesting! I’ve been trying to get into the habit of early dinner to get myself to go to bed early….it’s all connected in a way for me. And this added benefit of maintaining a healthy weight makes it more attractive now😅

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    1. 😃 true that! It’s all connected. Even with my migraine prob neurologist had advised me to follow the cycle of the sun. Early to bed and early to rise
      Yetttt I’m up now at 12 midnight 🙆‍♀️ 🤨should set a rhythm

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    1. Rashmiii… You know today, I was going through your blog , simply as I wanted to read something good and relatable ❣️😊

      About this post, i think I love rhyme 😃😬.


  2. Great read. Thank you very much! I study/research a lot about the human body but I never knew this. It’s always great learning something new every day.

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