My office bus dropped me off at the back gate of the residential campus where I stayed. It was late in the night and I was alone in that road. No houses or buildings on both sides of the road. Just wild grass, shrubs and a few trees. I walk on this road everyday but there was something different today. An eerie feeling. The winds were blowing stronger than usual, it was quite foggy and to add to it, all of a sudden it started raining.

I looked around if I had some company. I noticed a person walking about 25 feet away from me. I felt secure! Atleast there is someone around, if I am a target for a kidnap attempt 😅

I tried calling my dad to ask him to come and pick me up half way, as I still wasn’t feeling good. For the first time in all these days, there was no signal on my phone. I looked again for “Mr. Company” and in a fraction of a second I realised there’s something unusual and he is moving faster than I can imagine. The next realisation was the scariest “He had no legs!” It appeared as though he was skating away, no rhythm of the walk and he vanished somewhere into the woods. All this happened in a few seconds.

There are no houses there and it’s dangerous for a person to walk into the woods. Everyone in the campus knows about it. The entry to the campus itself is reserved. Who could that be!??? Even to pee in the woods, it’s tough to take that diversion, he had better options on the other side of the road!!!!😅

This, is the second ghostly experience apart from my meeting with the Mr. ghost, I had mentioned in my post: Silhoutte. This one did not scare me as much as that Silhoutte ghost, as I could give answers to myself with many “Ifs” “buts” and “Could be s” 👻.. but it was scary! Indeed! And that’s it my dear friends, I have no more real life experiences with ghosts 😉

In response to Eugi’s Weekly prompt: ghostly . Thanks for hosting it Eugi

73 thoughts on “A walk in the dark

      1. I do not like horror stories or movies!! 😳😳my brother has many more stories as he stayed there longer and his friends too narrated a few. I should get those stories, will help in my next prompt.

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    1. This was my second one R. The first one scared me to bits and I dint go to that room and balcony for days together.
      I avoided this road too and changed my stop to another gate, though it was a longer walk 😬
      no bravery n all R, I still shiver thinking of it 😅


      1. I just visited your blog and came back here to respond to all!! Your words have caught me in a daze girl.. how deep n heartfelt they are!

        I’m ok Anushka, been a bit of a mess, and i am unable to explain. but been gifted a phrase for this phase “mid life crisis” 😂😅

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