A few months ago, when I went shopping, I fell in love with a Black dress on the mannequin outside an apparel store. I don’t fall for dresses on mannequins. They are deceptive. I imagine they look good on me and when I try them on and look at myself in the mirror, I tend to check if the mirror is OK!! May be it’s a slightly convex mirror? I’m not that huge, isn’t it? And I leave the shop without buying the dress.

Now this one, stole my heart. I went in and asked if I could get a size L (Large) in the same. The lady helping me suggested β€œMedium” should be ok! I gave a β€œcome on, stop kidding me” kinda look. And she convinced me to try Medium and handed both M and L sizes showing me the way to changing room.

I came out of the trial room feeling ecstatic! Yess! Medium fitted me! When and how did this happen!!! Came back and checked on my weighing machine! Wow!!! I indeed lost a few kilos!!!! I felt good (as I was slightly overweight past few months)

H I J K L M ? How I Jumped King-size L to M?

I thought back on how did this happen? All I had done was avoided junk! Completely!! I dint like chocolates anymore, and I intentionally cut down on packaged food and outside food. Ate a healthy, normal, regular meal consistently! Now, I order dress online and selecting size β€œMedium” brings some joy πŸ₯°

In response to Linda’s SoCS prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is β€œmedium.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

33 thoughts on “H I J K L M?

  1. Ahh! My friend told me this just in the morning. She avoided junk too and lost a few kgs. She was over the moon, and I was like “Is this a great accomplishment?”. Your post justifies the pleasure. πŸ˜…

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