My neighbor is up all night

In the morning he’s never in sight

At one, he unlocks his door

Walks loud, thumping the floor

If I am asleep this sound awakens

What’s he up to? my mind beckons

I try to go out and peep

I hear him singing slow and deep

I guess he comes straight from the bar

He walks doesn’t have a car

I can hear him pushing chairs

As though he is in some despair

Next day the owner, came by to see

To clean up that flat and lend for free

There was a rumour, the house is haunted

‘No one is ready to move in’ he vented

I froze still in fear and fright

What’s the sound I hear all night?

Who comes in to stay in here?

‘Oh no! it must be a ghost’ I fear!

That night I stayed up till one

To look for someone there was none

I heard it! The thumping on the floor

This time there was a knock on my door!

Question to you: Would you open? 😊I have heard many horror stories. My close encounter with a Mr ghost was put up in my post: Silhoutte.

In response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #155: Horror

Thanks for hosting, Reena

74 thoughts on “A noisy neighbor

    1. No.. really? I have heard of knocks on door. There was a time in Bangalore where people wrote “naaLe baa” meaning come tomorrow. 👻it was a message, the ghosts who knocked at doors, supposedly understood 🤨😅

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      1. Aa there’s a movie based on that right? Stree.. O stree kal aana.

        The other story was a whatsapp forward long back. A guy stayed in a hotel room. He heard someone playing piano in the next room every day and he peaked through the key hole. He could see only the back view of a girl in white dress playing the piano. One day, he was waiting for her to play the piano, but she didn’t play that day. So he went and checked through the keyhole. All he could see was something in red color. So he went to the reception and enquired about the girl staying in that room. The recepionist replied that the room was not rented as its said to be haunted. He also said that many have spotted the ghost there and have told that its a girl in white dress and her eyes, red in color.

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      2. Woah!!! That’s very scary. Thank god I dint read your reply yesterday night!

        And I dint know about that movie too.. will check out!
        I cant see horror movies! I need 3 to 4 days to get over it! I’ll only increase electricity bill of my house, keeping all lights on, all the time 🙆‍♀️

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      3. I couldn’t sleep for days thinking that the girl was looking right back at him 😄 Also, my brother made it worse by saying that most ghosts have black color eyes and that may be the reason why keyholes appear dark 🤦🏻‍♀️

        Same here.?I don’t sleep for days after watching horror movies😄😅

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  1. Omg! Why! Why do you always come with scary stories at bedtime 🥺
    I dare not read Achu chechi’s comments (yes, that’s Aswathy Gopalakrishnan). I know what happened that day when I read your comments. The chills!

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      1. I know, right!!!! The last time too, she came up with a scary story at midnight! So this time, I gave those comments a wide berth 🤣
        I knew that if I read it, I wouldn’t be able to sleep properly for days.

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      1. I rarely watch horror movies. And yesterday to divert my thoughts from the movie I watched.. I logged in to WP to read some blogs and found your scary story too! And after reading your posts.. i was too scary… That I switched on lights for few minutes and sat for a while! 😍😍

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  2. Interesting story, and super-interesting conversation that follows 🙂 Shows how many fears and phobias are created because of these stories that circulate.

    Thank you for joining in! You are well on your way to becoming a good horror story writer.

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      1. Yaa 🙌
        Oh ho not very good Rashmi…I had a fall in the bathroom, slipped and bruised the last end on my back bone 😕so a little immobile .. should be ok in three weeks..🙆‍♀️


      2. Not a lot, just disturbing… irritating types… . I can move about…
        but it may be on n off for many years ☹️probably life long. So coming to acceptance mode slowly..


      3. Ohh, that’s troubling!
        Why do you say life long, may be it gets fine with time.

        Don’t worry Smiley, it doesn’t really look good when you are sad.
        I mean I get those sad vibes from your end.
        Don’t be troubled please, it’ll be fine!

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      4. I’m 38 yaa.. around 40 and after it doesn’t heal completely .. I will learn to manage the pain with time 😊

        Awwww 😊🙌done ❤️😊 I just got to know this update today, so was a lil low.


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