Everyone needs a health insurance cover.

In response to Shweta’s Six Word Story prompt: Need

This looks like an ad for an insurance company, but sadly this has turned from a “good to have” to a necessity over the last few decades.

Our previous generations had decent life style, good eating habits, the produce travelled less from farms and so veggies n fruits were fresher and nutritious. Visit to doctors was for simple problems. People were not handed a placard of list of health-packages and offers when they went to labs for blood work.

Lifestyle diseases have increased so much, that nowadays, without insurance, getting sick is very tough on our wallets. Leave aside the trauma of the various scans and blood work one needs to go through to detect and treat the issue.

The advance in technology is a boon. On the other hand, with all the facilities available in health care, doctors readily write out tests and scans, rather than trusting their instincts. Why would they risk?

We as a family are “blessed” (wry smile here)!!!Each one of us have been subjected to some test or the other on a continuous basis. EEG and ECHO on kids and continuous mammograms to track breast lumps for me, and hubby had a neuro surgery and my mom and her cancer detection and treatment!! Gosh! We have to plan and increase the cover of our insurance every year!! Something new pops up! And now this pandemic. The average is 3 lakh per person on admission to a private hospital! If we go through govt it’s free, but I have heard all the not-so-good stories of the system.

Hence proved! From the experience of this HappySoul; Health insurance is a necessity! A must have!

29 thoughts on “Necessity

  1. I agree with you truly…health insurance in today’s time is very necessary. The cost of treatment and investigation is really high and especially a chronic illness marks a huge dent on topic. A necessary take indeed!❤😇

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