The way to my heart

Is not easy at all!

It’s locked in tight

No access on mere call.

Cannot think of the quick way

My bones, you will not break

There is another way out

It’s a pretty tedious way to take.

The path is lit up at places,

At times dark to scare you away

Seems like an infinite labyrinth

Need patience to find the way.

Mirrored lanes of ego,chauvinism,

Lure you to make way n step in

One wrong turn will take you back

Right there, where you did begin

My roots, My past, My memories

that built me up or broke me apart

They run in every inch of my veins;

Maze of veins leading to my heart

Will you take this path?

Are you ready to travel?

The mystery in me,

you wanna unravel?

Written in response to

Reena’s Exploration Challenge. Thanks for hosting it, Reena. I don’t know if this is an apt response for the prompt. The last week’s prompt spurred so many thoughts, feelings and emotions .. so strong .. that it dint manifest into words. 😛 Wanted to give it a shot this week. As usual, I’m not very happy with the take but going ahead and publishing it anyways 😊Thanks for reading

46 thoughts on “Way to my heart❣

  1. This is so good take. You have no reason to be unhappy with the response, it turned out so well, Ru! Indeed way to heart is very complex, chances of the explorer or the explored to get lost is very common

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😄thank you

      Yes Rashmi, have been a bit held up with some things. So couldn’t chat much here. Am helping a student with preparing for UGC exam. The exams mid Oct for her. How have you been? How’s things?


      1. Hey there.
        I am all good. Everything is fine.
        Just recording the last lectures now. Feeling a bit low about same.

        That’s a good thing as you’re helping someone, you’ve always been a helping hand. It’s so very nice of you.

        Liked by 1 person

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