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Just talk to me

Wanna know your life’s dark stories

Just talk to me

Nothing in life is guarantee

How you overcame miseries?

How you faced the uncertainties?

Just talk to me!

My grandfather had faced a tough childhood. Working as a waiter, at a small eatery, he was treated very badly by his employer. His dad passed away young and he was orphaned at the age of 9. His sister was adopted by someone in their town and he set off to be on his own. Later on, he made his way to own his own restaurant and he was once called “The rich man, Sahukara” in the village he lived in. With age he detoriorated and lost this business again. Thankfully, the kids were grown up and settled to take care of him.

He lived with us and me and my brother used to talk to him, late through midnight. We were very eager to listen to his stories. Some gave us chills, some gave us courage, some gave us hope and some gave us laughter. He always preferred sitting on a chair, very similar to the one in the prompt pic. And like the man in the pic, he wore white always.

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Tried a Rondelet again. Thanks for hosting it, Sadje.

Thanks for reading 😊

45 thoughts on “Talk to me

  1. My grandpa also wears white always.

    You know what’s brilliant about you, you always narrate a story from your real life so that the audience can connect to it.

    It was really nice hearing his story, it definitely must have inspired you. How he dealt with tough times and emerged stronger, how family always stood by his side.
    No wonder why you are so nice, it’s all in the genes.

    The story motivated me as well. Never to loose heart and keep doing our thing.

    Thank you for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow thanks Rashmi. I’m glad you like it. I wonder if readers would like to read about my life experiences. Now with this comment I know may be they do ❤️

      His stories leave a mark in one’s mind you know. To stay grounded, to give back to society, to never lose hope many more!

      So sweet of you to say that dearie ❤️

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