On seeing this dish cooked to


I knew this method of cooking was my


Veg recipes of India had a detailed


Followed each step to T without any


The aroma put the kids to


They barge to the kitchen in


I serve them, keeping in mind the


The look and taste did exceed their


They were happy to see their mom is back in


Though there’s work, cooking this was my


I totally cherished that feeling, the feeling of


In response to SoCS prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-tion.” Find a word that ends with “tion.” Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!

A/N: First time I tried layered dum veg Biryani, tried a dum set up. I only cooked one pot meals before. The kids too wouldn’t eat anything spicy. Nowadays they are developing a taste towards spicy tangy foods and so I went ahead to try this layered veg biryani. I can hear non-veg friends telling back that there is nothing called VEG biryani ☺️☺️But that’s how the restaurants name and serve them.

The flu I had, took so much of my energy, that I had no mood to cook different meals for the whole of last month. Just stuck to basics! Today I was back to my own self! Felt good! ☺️

61 thoughts on “In the kitchen today

    1. Says the one who relishes authentic Hyderabadi biryani 😄im jealous of that! I’m gonna call you if I visit Hyderabad and you gotto take me to a place that serves good green dot biryani ☺️

      Thanks Bharath 😊

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    1. Thanks Dulcy, SoCs Prompt doesn’t allow too much editing. Since this was a easy prompt and since I saw it amidst cooking, I could write with less effort. Thanks for your kind words 😊


  1. Loved your take, HS!

    We’ve been with similar thoughts yesterday. Tired of my mom’s monotonous cooking for a while, I took charge of the kitchen yesterday. I cooked Bread Biryani, almost similar to veg version. So, same pinch! 😅

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    1. I have tried with ready made biryani masala and mixed it all in single pot. It’s no where close to the taste of this layered dum style cooking. Try this when you have time in your hands’s yummm ☺️
      Ykw, just yesterday I was thinking, how it would be to meet up… coincidentally sometime!! ☺️ I think we won’t stop our chit chats


      1. Where would I be, not even close to you who’s a Master chef already!

        Ah, I often have such thoughts, in my head I imagine meeting my WordPress family quite often.
        It’s so much fun imagining, how it would be when we meet up in real😎

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nah re!! Can you imagine after all these years of cooking this is the first I tried a layered biryani which we always order in restaurants 😂in that lazy. I love go-to snacks and quick one pot cooking ☺️

        Isn’t it? I’ve started feeling so nowadays 😀🙌


      3. Yesssss please do ❤️whatta meet that will be. 😍
        Exactly! Was thinking on the same… probability of me bumping into Shweta is higher. ( than all others here) Her office close to moms place😀


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