I am visiting my parents after about 6 months and I can see how naughty my 18 month old nephew has become. He doesn’t speak yet but he gets his work done by communicating to us in his own cute way.

My dad today had sprained his neck and the pain sort of radiated towards the collar bone. My nephew was creating tantrums asking my dad to play with him. All my dad had to do was run along and play ‘tag’ with him. My dad was refusing to yield to him, because of the pain he had. My nephew was excited to play with his cousins (my daughters) and in his excitement, he tried to coax my dad to play along. When my dad dint listen, this little guy, collared my dad and pulled him with all his strength asking him to get up from his place right then. My dad had to give in to his grandson’s tantrums.

A man with a white collared job, per say, known to be the strict boss at office, who takes no nonsense, is a slave to his grandson’s commands at home ❤️😊

I’m happy at how well this incident fitted in beautifully with Linda’s SoCS prompt: Collar in all three forms – noun, verb and metaphor 😊

47 thoughts on “Collar story

  1. You are absolutely right, it fitted really well with your prompt.

    Such a cute incident you narrated, Grandparents often give in to the demands of toddlers in the house. And be happy about it at the same time as they love to be slave of their grandchildren.

    And WOW I am so happy to find you are at your home. How does it feel?
    I am sure you must be loving it!
    Take care Smiley 🤗

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    1. My parents do EVERYTHING what my nephew says. I was teasing them that they never did all this for me ☺️

      It feels amazing Rashmi. It’s been 6 months and I was here for a full week. A good welcome break. I’m back home tomorrow. ☺️but somehow refreshed, I can say.

      How have you been. Do you go to your school to record classes?


      1. Yeah can see that with my kids’ teachers too! Indeed it’s challenging. I have seen the same teachers teach so well to my elder one at school during her kindergarten. It’s tough to speak to a camera and with the thought that parents are going to see the video. And parents too… so many give unwanted feedback. 🤦‍♀️
        Conducting exams is tough, I can imagine!

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  2. Each word is soo relatable! As a kid, and being a firstborn at my Nana’s side, both my Nana and Nani would always give it all to all my tantrums come what may, and they still do till date. You just made my heart go numb after this!

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