photo by Ian Taylor via Unsplash

“When and where was this pic taken mom?”Akshay asked curiously pointing to a pic in the album.

“Back in 1957, in Belgium, your dad clicked this pic while I was busy checking out the market” she replied and went on describing her memories from the trip.

Akshay first saw the crowd there and laughed at the contrast scenario now, but thanks to covid, he got a lot more quality time with his mom as he was working from home, which was impossible otherwise!

In response to Three line tales by Sonya. I am actually missing going on a shopping spree. Missing crowds, flea markets, exhibition cum sales, malls. I’m missing people on streets 🙃 One plus point of Covid is that I’ve saved more last six months ☺️☺️

Thanks for reading. Feedback most welcome 😊

68 thoughts on “Plus points of 2020

  1. Wow, a positive end!😍

    I wished to learn guitar, baking and a lot more after my boards but unfortunately nothing happened😅
    If it had happened I would have never started a blog and met wonderful people here…
    There’s a proverb in my native language, it says “every bad has some good”.
    I loved this post ma’am.😊❤️

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