Judge me not, by my gender!

“Judge me not, by my smile!”

In response to Shweta’s Six Word Story . Prompt word is judge. Thanks for hosting this Shweta

I couldn’t decide which one to keep, so posted two takes.

At any time of the day and most of the days, I have a smile on my face. I am non-threatening and very approachable by nature. Be it for selection of a school captain, be it to drive a volunteer meet, be it to lead my team in the company I worked for, the first response was “is she strong enough to do it?” “is she tough?” “can she carry it off?” But I feel so happy I was given that chance and I have proved myself in all three situations. A smile on the face, doesn’t imply that the person is naive and can not handle hurdles or criticism. It doesn’t mean that the person can’t handle stress and she can’t be verbally strong or blunt if need be. Even now as a mother, people ask “Do you ever scold your kids? Do you know how to scold?” My elder one is quick to give her opinion 😅

I have mixed views regarding gender stereotypes. I do not completely agree that a woman can do everything a man can! A woman is designed very different to a man and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Generally men have more stamina, for example. But I somehow do not agree on the way society thinks that women are mentally n physically weak. It’s not gender based, and many men too are mentally and physically weak. It’s more dependent on individual. I spent my growing up years in an area quite famous for “gundas” and “gully boys” etc. My relatives would ask my mom, to tell me to not return home late. I should reach home before it gets dark. My mom taught me, how to carry myself with confidence and how to not get affected if a gang of guys passed any cheap comments. She taught me to carry a pepper spray in the pocket and how to sense danger. And how to be strong and face a problem. Never did she say, “come home early, for your own safety”. This is just an example of my vast ocean of thoughts on gender-bias.

My dear friends, I am lagging behind in responding to your feedback, I will catch up very soon. Thanks for reading and feedback most welcome 😊

42 thoughts on “Judge me not!

  1. The smile one is very relatable 😊 One of the reasons why I hate the word ‘Pawam’ 😄

    I agree with your views on gender stereotypes too. Women and men are not the same. Not equal. I would like to see them both as individuals who are unique with their own set of characteristics and skills.

    Nice take, HS! Hope you had fun during the festival days🙂

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  2. I see me in you.
    I’ve always wanted to be the one who smiles and spreads smiles.
    Obviously not for everyone but for some people I wanna be that.

    I so loved your description of your thoughts. I am just so glad to meet you. Keep smiling and keep spreading smiles.
    Let you tell you your smile is contagious, I know you’ll smile reading this one too.
    You’re smiling now and just to add its beautiful!

    See you around ✨


    1. 😄I loved reading this .. ❤️thank you so much for your heartfelt words.. yes I can make out you love to spread smiles. Your posts are so touching and relatable 😊

      I’m smiling from the time I read your comments this afternoon.. ❤️

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    1. 😊I’m so glad to read this Subbashini. I’m very proud of the values she taught me. Me too trying to instill independence, self reliance, and fearless attitude into my girls.. hope I can do some good there ..


      1. I am not talking about letting him peek here. I just want you to ask him. Let’s know his views also. 😂😂


  3. Good one HS and so true. Men and women are like the wheels of a cycle. Both complement and work in tandem. No question of comparison. Am glad that your mom brought you up to be a strong individual rather than a timid girl. ♥️

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  4. Damn! Your Mother!❤️❤️ Not every one is as mentally strong as she is. You’re lucky! Most of us hear this that the world is bad. You better come home early and then we pass it on to the coming generation.😐

    Seems like you’re a Team Leader at work.😅


    1. Yes BG, very much!!… I have two daughters.. its dicy for me to talk to them on certain topics, wish i could be half as good as my mom 🙂 when i read your title “Bold girl”my mother and grandma cross my mind …

      I was a lead! I quit a year later 🙂

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      1. I don’t think I’m as ‘Bold’ as people think I am. Yes, I’ve come a long way though. I still have to achieve a lot of boldness.

        All I’ve got in return is people hating me for being upfront, honest and doing my thing but, I guess that’s how it is when you’re forced to live in a stupid society.

        I’m so glad that my pen name reminds you of your loved ones. I just hope that one day I become as bold as the women you’ve listed are.😊 Hopefully, I’d be a bold mom someday (If I plan to raise a kid and a man too. Wink wink😉)


      2. I totally get you, when one is straight forward, people dislike. They want to hear just the rosy nice words ☺️such is this world …

        ‘Raise a kid and a man too’ 😂😂😂😂so well said, so true


  5. Good ones, HS! I loved them all. “I do not completely agree that a woman can do everything a man can! A woman is designed very differently to a man and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.” I completely agree with that too. Women are not weak and meant to be meek. I loved your takes, especially the first one. Thanks for joining in. 🙂

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