Morning, He woke up, frantically looked at his mobile. With disgust, anger, he threw it to the side of the bed. “The weather forecast is pathetic. It is hotter than last Friday and it’s the hottest day since last five years!! Humans are so selfish! Turning this beautiful earth to hell! Deforestation happens everyday! Due to man’s misdeeds and greed, earth suffers! When will man ever learn!”

This is all I hear everyday! Always hooked to the “weather” app. I don’t remember the last time we spoke something normal, something positive, happy! Is he a misanthrope? He needs councelling?

(99 words)

A/N : My cousin, is currently taking counselling sessions. He was so worked up about how we humans are destroying our earth everyday, that it started affecting his work, his family life. His detested human nature and his words always had a negative flair.

According to him, he was doing right. He was voicing his words for the nature, the earth! While for others he sounded depressed, dejected! It was difficult to converse with him. I don’t know if Misanthrope is the exact word for this. But penned it down in response to the prompt

Weekend writing prompt

25 thoughts on “A Wife’s journal entry!

    1. Exactly what he feels.. and he feels bad that no one else supports his talks…his councillor asked him to create a website and work towards his plans, so that, he gets to see some results and eventually the negativities surrounding him, may come down ….
      but this was the first time I even heard of such a problem!! 😯

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      1. Sadly, the good people are often the odd ones. And, its ok to be that way as long as you don’t expect others to accept your ideologies, or to behave in a certain way. It will only lead to disappointment. We all know, it’s a messed up society 😕🤷🏻‍♀️

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      1. I think, it more depends on how people think and perceive things
        We all have something different from others, our own individuality
        Maybe they are not able to understand 😅😅
        Or his obsession is so much increased that it needs treatment for betterment like you said to divert the energy in something positive

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  1. I wasn’t following you till now. Why🤔 I actually don’t Know how it happened.
    How come I missed following such a wonderful blogger.
    It’s never too late I’ll do it right away.

    Beautifully written blog.
    I’ve read about you on your page and it’s so nice to meet you here.

    I came over to your blog to ask you your name, I thought it’s odd to address you as your pen name. But after reading about you, I was like no, let her keep her name concealed, we’ll proudly call her happy soul. The one that makes everyone happy.
    Nice meeting you Ma’am 😊

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    1. Aww Rashmi 🥰.. you brightened my day ❤️… really!!! keeping my name concealed has given me a freedom to express better I feel.. and it’s so nice to be accepted like this here .. it’s a great feeling 😊
      I’m still learning to write better and try new styles but I do feel intimidated by all of you. You guys write so well!!! You convey your emotions so beautifully, I may never be able to do that … but it’s so good to keep writing, keep trying, keep improving and I feel very happy and grateful for all the encouragement and love I get here 😊
      Thanks a lot for dropping by n pouring out your words here. Means a lot ❤️

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      1. My purpose here is to love people I call my own and spread smiles.

        I’d be glad if anything I write makes you smile or brightens your day.

        Oh com’on noone is intimidating anyone.
        I’ll tell you a secret Happy Soul, I followed a lot of people earlier, I thought I’d learn new words from them and then I’ll use them in my poetry. But you know what happened Everytime I read them I used to open Google, I wasn’t able to connect to their work. I was just searching meaning. I used to think my stuff is very regular. I gotta put some hard words of English to make them attract audience.

        And then I met you, you told me you connect to my stuff only because it’s in layman language. I was so glad that day I swear. And then I understood people connect when they feel the same and it has nothing to do with vocabulary.
        You gave me that confidence in my own content.
        I love you for that dear Engineer ✨

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      2. You spoke my heart out Rashmi ❤️I am in the “new English words” phase 😅

        I remember how well I could relate to your posts .. simple and straight from the heart .. and I just couldn’t stop reading your older posts the next few days …
        I’m so glad to read this comment.. Thank you so much 😊

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      3. I loved reading your conversations Rashmi and Happy Soul 😊 And I think both of you write beautifully.. you dont have to compare with anyone.. everyone has different styles of writing right .. ?? Tell me.. are we not all blessed that we can write something on our own? And for that matter, we have found a group of good friends who support each other. I love both of your writing styles ❤️❤️

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  2. Good thought Happy Soul 😊 poor cousin of yours.. we all have that thought in our mind.. and I guess he was right in saying that he was giving a voice to Earth. How many will be able to be so caring and thoughtful about nature? If at all thoughtful, who will care to speak up? Glad that he did.. but feeling bad he had to undergo such situations 😕

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    1. Very true Nima.. the thought is so right.. may be he was stuck because he couldn’t implement his ideas well and some rules were broken in his own home! Nevertheless, it was a very different difficult situation.. being wrong by being right!

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