photo by V Hui

Her mother had told her, “If you write your wish on the dry sand, 25 steps beyond the point of touch of the waves of the sea for that time, and later, if the waves reaches your wish and washes it away, it’s believed that your wish will be fulfilled”

“I want a Best Friend” she wrote with the help of a stick and waited eagerly, making a mental note of the crest of each wave, and gauging if this wave would ultimately reach her wish.

Little did she know, her wish was already granted and it was just a matter of time when, “Tom”, who entered their family today would become her four-legged best friend.

Written for Three line Tales Prompt by Sonya. Click on the link above for guidelines and feel free to participate

33 thoughts on “A wish

      1. I’m soo happy to see this ❤️😊. Yes Aswathy .. afull day away from my mobile. My covid test came negative, but the doc is not convinced 😂. The sample not ok too.. so was disturbed …anyway I’m on recovery mode now. .. so he asked to stay isolated 4 more days and leave it there. Amidst all this was a lil pre occupied and I had no scheduled posts 😐

        I’m so glad I crossed your mind. Amidst this flu cloud this message felt like a sunshine ❤️😊

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      2. Glad to know the test came negative, HS. Just 4 more days! And it will be over before you know it. For now, have some rest and feel better 🙂

        Of course, you would 😀
        I haven’t written anything on my blog since days. But I open WP every day to read posts from a few of my favorites here. You are one of them 😊

        Take care HS and get back to your amazing self soon 🙂❤️

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      3. A wrong sample collection they say! So a negative may not be a negative 😅Yes counting down to 4! This isolation is tougher than I thought! And they think it’s H1N1 too … I told doc, “I can deal with him, he’s my old friend 😄😄”

        Yes you haven’t written since long😊.. I have notifications on, and I dint get one ☺️

        Thank you so much Aswathy. Really means a lot! ❤️

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      4. You asked for it my dear 😅… here it is .. my second one fell down and hurt herself today. I heard all cries from my room! I usually ask hubby to lock from outside so that I don’t touch the knobs often … it felt horrible listening to her sitting here😢she’s ok now though … but those moments!! That motherly instinct 😑


      5. 😧 uh oh! I understand your feelings dear. It’s tough on you and the mom guilt can be so real, I know. But see, she is strong like her mom and made it through just fine. I am sure she will understand once you go out and talk to her after these 4 days. Just give that girls of yours, an extra squeezy hug from my side too then.

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