Image credit; 五玄土 ORIENTO – Unsplash

He stayed alone in his big mansion

This well known scientist, Mr Smith.

His patents had earned him millions

But had no one to enjoy it with.

One day he heard a knock on the door

His good old friend dropped in to say hi.

They were meeting after 20 years

He had a reason to drop by.

He was broke and lived on charity,

Along with four other necessitous men.

They were looking around for another shelter,

Requested Smith to accommodate till then.

The mansion had atleast ten free rooms

Smith found his purpose, he found his calling!

He decided to help these needy,

This empty life, now had a meaning!

They were overjoyed with Smith’s offer,

It was a welcome blessing for their misery.

They lived together next few months,

They bonded well, together, like family.

Half past four, everyday, they had tea together,

They talked of everything under the sun.

Today was extra special thought Smith,

He was looking forward for some fun!

Carefully he laid out the table,

Arranged the ceramic cups so neat!

After many years on his special day,

He had people around to greet!

He blew the candle, he cut his cake,

He tapped his feet for his birthday song

Reviving fond memories over tea,

His heart was happy after so long!

This beautiful mind never realised

He saw things that weren’t there!

The tea cups had never moved!

And the table always had a single chair!

– HappySoul

A/N: He was Schizophrenic

In response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt. Please click on the link above for guidelines and feel free to participate.

Awaiting your feedback my dear friends! Thanks a lot for reading 😊

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