If this pandemic was not around, we would be travelling, to Budapest and Prague this December. Thanks to our dream snatcher, Mr Covid, this trip is postponed indefinitely! It’s been a long term dream to travel Europe and I was so looking forward for this from last year. Anyways, let’s see when this dream materialises but we had made all plans. We had checked on details of the cities etc.

Google gave us info that in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, many places do not accept Euros. So we need to exchange Euros to the currency ‘Korunas’. (doesn’t this sound like corona??)

Google warned us about various currency exchange scams. One such scam was, ‘Rate confusion scam’. The advertisements show 0% commission for currency exchange, but in turn they will be making about 30-40% margin!!! They provide extremely low exchange rates per Euro. But they market it so well, that people fall for it.

So while exchanging currencies, do check before giving out a cheque in Czech Republic

(Word count: 168)

Okay! Not interesting isn’t it? But still posting this as I have used all three words. Isn’t it worth some bonus points? 🤔😂

Written in response to Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt. The prompt word is check/cheque/Czech any or all words.

I also came across Simply 6 minutes challenge in Stine Writing. I could not respond to the prompt photo there but I have tried it in this prompt. I wrote this complete post, raw and unedited, in six minutes. I could compose a post of only 167 words!!!??? Couldn’t believe it !!!😆Too less compared to what I write in my journal when my brain is overloaded with thoughts😅

20 thoughts on “What to check when exchanging cheque in Czech!

  1. When I started this challenge I did it myself of course, because I wanted the challenge too. I thought I would write more. Lol. I guess it gives you a start point and ability to set a new goal. Thanks for participating.

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