“What do you want ? Coffee or Tea? ” Sam asked expectantly

“Coffee” she bluntly replied. Sam did not want to hear that answer that morning ……

5 years ago , they went on a date. “What do you want ? Coffee or Tea?” Sam gently asked her. “I want Coffee” came the answer.

“Me?” He had proposed love in his own style “Need some more time” she replied….

Every week they met. “Coffee or Tea”

She would reply with a silent stare .

That Valentine week , in a cafe at a roof top , he asked expectantly once again “Coffee or Tea” and she said “ You” . His happiness knew no bounds….

Now in 3 years of marriage .. “Coffee or Tea?” Sam would ask in the morning … Her reply “you and always you”, became a way of telling him “I love you”. Now with a 3 week old bundle of joy, Sam started feeling a little insecure. She spent most of her time with the baby, obviously. Though he theoretically knew all the facts, that couples will get very less time with each other with a new born around, he still felt a little empty inside.

Expectantly he asked that morning “Coffee or Tea” …She had spent a sleeplessness night and a thoughtless “Coffee” came out of her mouth !

Though he was a supportive husband , his heart wiped a silent tear ! Baby blues are real !

I am again not very happy with this second take at SOCS. I hope I can improve next time

Thank you Linda for hosting this . This week’s prompt is ” Coffee , Tea or me ?

22 thoughts on “Coffee or Tea ?

    1. So sweet .. thanks for your kind words … 😊
      I was not satisfied with “ 3 years of marriage …” and a couple of lines after. Should have pictured it better in my words , I felt .
      Thank you so much for your constant encouragement ❤️means a lot !


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